CAMEO online conservation database upgraded

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has just launched a revised and upgraded version of its online conservation database, CAMEO (Conservation and Art Encyclopedia Online). CAMEO is "a free Internet resource that compiles and disseminates descriptive, technical, and visual information on the distinct collection of terms, materials, and techniques used in all aspects of conservation and production of artistic and historic materials". The upgrade was made possible by a 2-year grant from the Andrew W.

Walter Harris wins 2007 Banks/Harris Preservation Award

The 2007 Paul Banks and Carolyn Harris Preservation Award has been won by Walter Henry. Henry is the lead analyst in the Preservation Department at Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources, Moderator of the Conservation DistList, and Creator/Administrator of Conservation OnLine. He has been given the award in recognition of his enormous contribution to promoting communication within conservation, and for his pioneering use of online technologies within the profession.

Solar boat at Giza in need of conservation

At the recent International Conference on Heritage of the Naqada and Qus region, held in Egypt in January 2007, it was revealed that the famous "solar boat" in the Giza was in need of re-conservation, partly as a result of the museum environment in which it is kept.

1 Jan 2007 to 31 Jan 2007

Sikh monuments bulldozed to make way for building project

Buildings surrounding the Sikh temple of Sri Hazur Sahib in western India are being demolished to make way for a new road and visitor centre, claims Gurmeet Rai, director of the Cultural Resource Conservation Initiative in Delhi. October 2008 marks the 300th anniversary of the guruship of the Granth Sahib (the Sikh holy book), and up to three million pilgrims are expected to visit Sri Hazur Sahib in celebration.

New website for North American conservation training courses

A new website has been launched for the Association of North American Graduate Programs in the Conservation of cultural property (ANAGPIC). ANAGPIC was founded in 1984 to bring together information from 6 postgraduate training courses in North America. It also organises an annual conference for students from all of these courses, and publishes the conference papers on its website.

The "cathedral that never was" now on display after 13-year conservation project

A huge model of Sir Edwin Lutyens' proposed design for Liverpool's Roman Catholic cathedral has gone on display in the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. The model was conserved at the National Conservation Centre in Liverpool between 1992 and 2005. The conservation of the model has been documented in a film which is also on display in the Walker Gallery.

27 Jan 2007 to 21 Apr 2007

National Trust embraces renewable energy

UK environmentalists, eco-architects and conservation staff met last Thursday to discuss how to reconcile environmentally-friendly practices with conservation demands within culturally-sensitive landscapes.

1 Mar 2007

Tajik museum collections under threat

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting has claimed that cultural property in Tajikistan is "vulnerable to thieves, damp and bookworms". The IWPR reports Tajik museum staff as saying that they lack the money or resources to run museums efficiently, and that damp basement storage areas and a lack of conservation facilities have caused collections to decay rapidly.


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