Between Home and History video interview online

President of the IIC, Jerry Podany recently recorded an exclusive IIC interview with the Nobel Laureate author Orhan Pamuk. Part of the IIC initiative Dialogues for the New Century and the "Between Home and History" roundtable in Istanbul 2010. Pamuk speaks of the dynamic challenges faced by those preserving heritage and the past.

You can view the video in the context of "Between Home and History" on the IIC Dialogues for a New Century page.

Andrzej Stanislaw Tomaszewski remembered

The UNESCO World Heritage Centre in reporting the death of the death of Andrzej Tomaszewski, noted that "his passing comes as a great loss to the cultural heritage preservation field". Professor Tomaszewski was a professor of built heritage conservation, former Director of ICCROM and Conservator-General of the Republic of Poland from 1995 to 1999.

"Prof Tomaszewski's contribution to the field, and in the development of approaches to restoration philosophy, has been immense."

Anger at Pompeii collapse

Anger and accusations of neglect have followed the collapse of a building in the ancient city of Pompeii on 6 November 2010. Pompeii which was buried in volcanic ash and pumice, when Mount Vesuvius erupted over two days in 79AD. Pompeii was rediscovered in 1599. It is a World Heritage Site, a major tourist attraction, and an invaluable source of information about city life at the height of the Roman Empire.

The building that collapsed was the 2,000-year-old Schola Armatorum (House of the Gladiators), a frescoed house in which gladiators prepared for combat.

6 Nov 2010

Tutankhamun artefacts to be returned

The BBC reports that "the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is to return 19 artefacts taken from Tutankhamun's tomb to Egypt". This move follows research by two of the Museum's curators who established that the artefacts should never have left Egypt. For more on this see the BBC.

Time may have run out for the ancient Roman spa town of Allianoi

After a decade of fighting to save the ancient Roman spa town of Allianoi in Turkey, it appears it may soon be submerged under 12 to 15 metres of water, due to the release of water from the newly constructed Yortanli dam.

Although there are court injunctions to halt the flooding of the region, there is a feeling that heritage preservation bodies cannot match the "high profit, politically motivated building projects undertaken by Turkey’s big construction firms with financial support from national and international banks".

Concerns for world's oldest leather shoe reported on concerns about the care of the world's oldest leather shoe. The report opens by stating: "Armenian archeologists are worried about the future of the world’s oldest (5,500-year-old) leather shoe, found in a cave in Armenian province Vayots Dzor in 2008. It has not been fully examined yet; conservation issues of the shoe are not settled, and specialists are indignant that government officials take no steps to preserve it."

Connecting to Collections Webinar Series

The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), in partnership with Heritage Preservation and the American Association for State and Local History (AASLH), will be sponsoring a series of six webinars based on the national initiative Connecting to Collections: A Call to Action, from October 28 to December 9, 2010

27 Oct 2010 to 9 Dec 2010

Obituary: A Tribute to Giorgio Torraca (1927-2010)

Photograph of Giorgio Toracca

None of us are untouched by the loss of Giorgio Torraca, one of the most generous, enthusiastic, and productive members of the preservation community. His contributions are legion and directly or indirectly he was a mentor to all who work toward the conservation of world heritage. The listing of his achievements will be made many times in the coming years.

25 Sep 2010

Tourism threat to Egypt's sites

Egypt's archaeological sites, tombs and Pharaonic temples draw tourists in large numbers every year. However, the heavy tourist traffic is seen by some as a threat to the survival of these important sites. These  issues and the steps being taken to protect the sites are outlined in a BBC Fast Track feature.


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