Ruben’s Triumph of the Eucharist will be conserved with award from Getty Foundation

The Getty Foundation has awarded nearly US$390,000 (£240000) to the Museo Nacional del Prado for the intricate conservation of a series of six panel paintings by Peter Paul Rubens known as the Triumph of the Eucharist – one of the most important commissions of Rubens’ lifetime. The grant is part of the Getty’s ongoing Panel Painting Initiative, an international effort to train conservation specialists to ensure that important works of art on panels survive for future generations.

Sweden’s Vasa deteriorating faster than expected

Image of the Vasa, copyright: Lars Berglund

The Vasa, Sweden’s most famous warship, is deteriorating at a faster rate then expected as shown by new research data.
In a statement released earlier this month (September 2012), Lars Berglund, a professor at the Wallenberg Wood Science Centre at Stockholm's Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) said: "Our research shows that the strength of the wood has fallen dramatically. We didn't know this previously".

Cleaning of Painted Surfaces - Wolbers Strikes Again! - A Workshop Review by Rebecca Pavitt

Cleaning of Painted Surfaces ©Rebecca Pavitt

Rebecca Pavitt
In March 2012, the Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, hosted a three-day workshop titled ‘Cleaning of Painted Surfaces’, given by Richard Wolbers, Associate Professor of Science and Paintings Conservation at the University of Delaware’s Winterthur Art Conservation Training Program.

9th International Conference of Conservation-Restoration Programmes

9th International Conference of Conservation-Restoration Programmes ©Sunara

Sagita Mirjam Sunara

The Arts Academy of the University of Split, Croatia, hosted the 9th International Conference of Conservation-Restoration Programs in April 2012. The two-day conference included 14 lectures, a student poster exhibition and a roundtable discussion. Three Croatian and one Slovenian school participated in the event.

MUNCH2013 conference - call for paper and poster proposals

The scientific committee for the international conference devoted to Edvard Munch and contemporary painters invites proposals for posters and student posters. The conference, which coincides with MUNCH2013, will focus on conservation challenges and issues related to how and why their paintings have changed. The deadline for abstract submissions is 16 February 2013.

Abstracts should not exceed 350 words, and might address themes associated with:

Structural treatment
Painting technique

27 Jun 2013 to 29 Jun 2013
16 Feb 2013

Senior Metalwork Conservator

£35,000.00 to £38,000.00 depending on experience per annum, plus training and benefits

Hours of work: 35 hours per week, over 5 days

The Royal Collection is one the of the largest and most important art collections in the world. It comprises almost all aspects of the fine and decorative arts, and contains an important, large and varied collection of fine and base metalwork, including jewellery, silver, silver gilt, bronze, base and outdoor metalwork on display in Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse and other locations around the U.K.

Application deadline: 
20 Oct 2012

Call for Papers - Annual Conference of ICOM Switzerland 2013: Who pays rules? Public-Private Partnership in museums

In the museum world, the relationship between material aid and contents that those who grant this aid desire to see, expresses itself in so many and diverse ways: Foundations and private collectors often offer work, but only under specific conditions. It is not uncommon for the financing of infrastructure projects to be linked to firm policy requirements. In addition, companies consider to varying degrees that sponsoring exhibitions is a business through which they can secure a return on the money they have invested, in particular in terms of image.

28 Aug 2013
15 Nov 2012

Book and Paper Conservation: Horn II conference - From Micro-organisms to Mega-organisms – Call for Papers

Organiser: European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration

The programme committee welcomes original contributions on the following example topics:

- of the use of biocides & disinfection,
- “the use of biocides and the monitoring of the effects on materials”
(The topics can also include the possibility of launching a sort of web archive of data on treated collections and objects and on the best methods that can be used in monitoring (i.e. colour co-ordinates, pH, etc.).

22 Apr 2014 to 24 Apr 2014
29 Apr 2013


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