SGSConnect: On Looking for New Models

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What differentiates this  Salzburg Global Seminar from a typical professional meeting is that it's more than a bunch of people sitting in a room all day long listening to experts give PowerPoint presentations. Sure, we do some of that but, also, we actually have to work together and do it as global-thinking, collaborative teams.

Days Like These Don't Come Very Often

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Yesterday I arrived in Salzburg, Austria to attend the Salzburg Global  Seminar,  Connecting to the World's Collections: Making the Case for the Conservation and Preservation of our Cultural Heritage,  and today the seminar started  (unfortunately, no, I'm not staying in a room inside the Schloss Leopoldskron, but I'm in a handsome building right next door). In a matter of a few hours of being here I met countless smart and inspirational people, literally from all over the world.

My Global Connection (Starting atop a Little Hill in Northern Indiana)

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The first memory I have that led to a global connection comes from one summer day when I climbed Prophet's Rock in Battle Ground, Indiana with my brother, Michael, and our childhood friends, Peter and Eric. Standing atop that rock we boys looked through the tree branches and out onto the site of the Battle of Tippecanoe, which took place on November 7, 1811.   The night before that famous battle, a man named Tenskwatawa ("The Prophet") is purported to have come to this spot in preparation for battle.

First British cinema to be restored

The earliest British cinema is to undergo restoration, thanks to a million pound donation from a Saudi billionaire. The Lumiere brothers put on the first moving picture show in the hall on Regent St in 1896, now part of the University of Westminster. To find out more, go to the link below.

1896 cinema to be restored -- BBC website

Cutty Sark conservation delayed

The reopening of the 19th Century ship Cutty Sark has been postponed. The historic ship was badly damaged by fire in May 2007. The Cutty Sark Trust, who are managing the rebuilding of the ship had hoped it would be reopened in the summer of 2010, but have put the date back until spring 2011.

The ship is currently covered to protect the structure while it is being refurbished. The covering will be removed in 2010, but more work will remain to be done before the public will be allowed onboard.

New UNESCO Director General elected

Bulgarian Irina Bokova will take over as the tenth Director-General of UNESCO on the 23 October 2009. Irina Bokova will become the first woman to hold the post since the foundation of the Organisation in 1945. The new Director-General, who will serve a four-year term, has been Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to France and Monaco, Personal Representative of the Bulgarian President to the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO since 2005.

22 Oct 2009

British cultural sites receive government support

The UK government has approved funding for a National Film Centre on London's South Bank, as well as extensions to the Tate Modern and British Museum. Among the supported projects is the planned extention to the British Museum to provide new conservation and exhibition spaces. Funding of £22.5m has been granted towards the £125m needed for the extension.


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