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The December issue of News in Conservation is out and ready to be downloaded. This issue is packed full of news from the world, together with interesting features contributed by our generous community. Antonina Pirrotta from Italy will introduce us to the use of advanced monitoring technologies employed by her team for the preservation of an ancient statue of the Virgin Mary. We will also learn about the Romiri Project, a multidisciplinary workshop that took place on the island of Zakynthos (Greece) in early Autumn.

The Prince of Wales's Building Craft Apprenticeship Programme

Over the last 25 years, The Prince's Foundation has developed strong working partnerships with many of the leading stakeholders in urban design and architecture, both in the UK and internationally. By actively and passionately promoting both a diligent application of time-tested principles, as well as a deeper understanding of the importance of building in a more sustainable way, there has been a burgeoning recognition of the possibility of easily achieved improvements in public health, and affordable, livelier and safer streets and communities.

Application deadline: 
2 Mar 2012

2012 Clothworkers' Conservation Fellowship

Available across the United Kingdom
Applications are sought for the 2012 Clothworkers' Conservation Fellowship.
A grant of up to £80,000, over two years, is available to a UK public institution to enable an experienced conservator (employed by that institution) to pursue a research project.
During the sabbatical their post will be covered by an externally recruited junior conservator.

Application deadline: 
2 Mar 2012

Assistant / Associate Objects Conservator

The Saint Louis Art Museum, Missouri, USA
The Saint Louis Art Museum seeks to fill the position of assistant or associate objects conservator, depending on qualifications. The successful candidate will be under the direction of the objects conservator. The conservation department also employs conservators in the specialities of paintings, paper, and textiles, plus a mount maker and frame technician.

Application deadline: 
30 Jan 2012

Icon 12-month Internship in Conservation of Arms and Armour at the Royal Armouries

Royal Armouries, Leeds, UK
Educational Bursary of £15,750 pa April 2012 - April 2013
Based in the Armouries Conservation Dept with Suzanne Dalewicz-Kitto ACR as supervisor, this Internship focuses on general conservation practice plus more specifically the conservation of both European and Oriental armour and of firearms from one of the largest and most significant collections of arms and armour in the world.

Application deadline: 
9 Jan 2012

2011 International Council of Museums Australia Award for International Relations for AusHeritage Chairman Vinod Daniel

Vinod Daniel, AusHeritage Chairman was awarded the 2011 International Council of Museums Australia Award for International Relations at the Museums Australia Conference Dinner in Perth, November 17, 2011. This award celebrates the exceptional work undertaken by individuals and Australian institutions to strengthen international ties and contribute to the cultural richness of our region.

17 Nov 2011

Κλιματική αλλαγή και μουσειακές συλλογές

Φωτογραφία εξωφύλλου κλιματικής αλλαγής

Η αλλαγή του κλίματος του πλανήτη μας, έχει επιπτώσεις που υπερβαίνουν κατά πολύ τις δραματικές επιπτώσεις των καταιγίδων και την αύξηση της στάθμης των θαλασσών, τις αλλαγές στα πρότυπα μετανάστευσης (αποδημητισμού) και επαναπατρισμού, ή τη πιθανότητα για αυξημένους κινδύνους υγείας από τους ατμοσφαιρικούς ρύπους. Οι καιρικές συνθήκες και οι μεταβολές της θερμοκρασίας επίσης επηρεάζουν τη μακροχρόνια διαφύλαξη των πολιτιστικών θησαυρών του κόσμου που θαυμάζουμε και που μας εμπνέουν κάθε μέρα.

16 Sep 2008
United Kingdom

Climate Change and Museum Collections

Climate change cover image

The changing climate of our earth has implications that go well beyond the dramatic effects of storms and rising sea levels, shifts in migratory patterns and habitats, or the potential for increased health risks from pollutants. Weather patterns and temperature variations also affect the long term preservation of the world’s cultural treasures which we enjoy and which inspire us every day.

16 Sep 2008
United Kingdom

IIC moves office

Since 7th September 2011 IIC has been in new offices in Westminster, central London. The details are as follows:

Postal address:
3 Birdcage Walk

Main line: +44 (0)20 7799 5500
Fax line: +44 (0)20 7799 4961

6 Sep 2011


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