IIC shares C2RMF concerns

IIC has joined the international protest at the proposed relocation of the Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France (C2RMF).

A copy of the letter of protest, sent to a number of senior conservation and heritage figures in France follows:

Monsieur Philippe BELAVAL
Directeur Général des Patrimoines
Ministère de la Culture & de la Communication

Dear M. Belaval

Restored tomb chamber to be displayed in Istanbul

A 5th-century BC burial mound near the Persian Royal city Celaenae (today Dinar, Afyonkarahisar province) was looted in 1969, with the best preserved colourfully painted wooden beams removed and smuggled out of Turkey.

Six years ago, parts of the looted painted beams were rediscovered in a museum in Munich (Germany). A project was commenced to return the pieces and rebuild the tomb chamber to preserve it for future generations. Ancient wood painting is a lost art and these examples provide valuable scientific evidence as well as having considerable cultural value to Turkey.

16 Jun 2010 to 29 Sep 2010

IMA relaxes environmental controls

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) relaxed its environmental control in February. The IMA will allow the range of its exhibition gallery’s temperature and relative humidity to fluctuate by a few degrees on either side of the internationally accepted standard. The Director and Chief Executive of IMA, Maxwell Anderson, wrote about the development of the standards and the current questioning of their rigidity in an article in The Art Newspaper in early April.

Regional Museum in Western Australia damaged by Earthquake

The city of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, about 600 kilometres (370 miles) east of Perth in Western Australia's Goldfields region, was hit by a earthquake at 8.15am on 20th April. The US Geological Survey reported it as 5.2 on the Richter scale – the biggest earthquake in the area for 50 years. Damage was focussed around the Boulder main street, including significant damage to the historic Boulder Town Hall and the Goldfields War Museum.

19 Apr 2013

Concerns about the future of C2RMF

Concerns have been raised about the future of the Centre de Recherche & de Restauration des Musées de France (C2RMF). For more than three years, the French Ministry of Culture  has been planning the relocation of the facility as part of the expansion of exhibition space in the Louvre palace and the planned establishment of a new storage centre for the Paris area museums.

Library of Congress to archive tweets

The Library of Congress is adding to its already large collections of digital material with the donation from Twitter of the entire digital archive of public tweets. This is a significant number of tweets – since Twitter commenced in 2006, billions of tweets have been created and over 50 million are sent every day.

Machu Picchu reopens to tourists

Peru’s most popular archaeological site and tourist hub, the Inca city of Machu Picchu, has now reopened. In January 2010 heavy rain caused flooding which washed away roads and railway tracks leading to Machu Picchu, trapping more than 2,000 tourists at the site. They were later evacuated, along with 2,000 local people. The site had been due to reopen in February, but logistical difficulties and the extent of damage delayed the reopening until early April.

26 Jan 2010

New Textile Conservation Centre

The Textile Conservation Centre Foundation (TCCF) and the University of Glasgow are to set up a new teaching and research facility, with the first student intake in September 2010. The new centre will focus on object-based teaching and research encompassing conservation, the physical sciences and dress and textile history. This is an important development for conservation training following the closure of the Textile Conservation Centre (TCC) at Southampton University in October 2009.

Fire destroys Uganda’s Kasubi Tombs

Fire has wrecked the tombs of four Baganda-region kings at the Kasubi tombs UNESCO World Heritage Site near Kampala, Uganda. The destruction of the tombs, on the 16th March, thought by many to be the result of arson, has led to mass protests and a highly charged political situation. Supporters of Baganda King Ronald Mutebi are said to have blocked the President, Yoweri Museveni, from visiting the tombs to assess the damage. In the resulting unrest, two people are thought to have been killed.


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