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BEIRUT FINE ART HERITAGE RESCUE: A non-governmental initiative

2020_Beirut_explosions_1. Image by Prachatai. Lisenced under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Original location HERE.

The blast in Beirut Port on August 4, 2020 was devastating to the city, its people, its heritage and to the fine art sector. Many artworks are in need of urgent conservation and/or restoration interventions. This sector remains neglected. Beirut’s fine art suffered from severe physical and chemical damages.

Virtual European Days of Conservation-Restoration 2020

For the 3rd consecutive year E.C.C.O. calls Conservator-Restorers from all around Europe to open their " virtual doors" to the public.

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak and the impact it holds at national and international level, the celebration will take place as always in the second week of October.

Conservator-Restorers invite visitors to their " virtual workplaces": Experts from museums, ateliers, private or university studios and workshops, sites and monuments will present the Profession of C-R and their projects to the public.

5 Oct 2020 to 11 Oct 2020

The International Trust for Croatian Monuments: Progress Report

Replication process of a Gothic polychromed wood sculpture of Madonna and Child, which we are doing in memory of a dear friend, Dr Anthea Brook. It is a post-graduate project of a student at the Arts Academy in Zagreb.  Image courtesy of Jadranka  Beresford-Peirse

August 2020
Visit to Zagreb and Split February/March 2020

My last year's report was written and sent to our supporters during August/early September 2019. On 16th September last year our dear friend and trustee, Peter Stormonth Darling, suddenly died. This was not recorded in my last year's report and I regret this. I did put a notice on our website,, immediately.

The French section of the IIC (SFIIC) Presents: CORÉ Journal Reborn

Image courtesy of SF-IIC

Since the first issue, published in 1996, Coré has its place in the French landscape of journals dedicated to the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage. In 2016, due to difficult circumstances, the new board of the SFIIC decided to stop its publication. Once a better functioning dynamic was restored, convinced of Coré's place in the professional community, the SFIIC set out to relaunch its publication under a renewed format, with a bi-annual online publication.

Winner announced for our First-Time Author Essay Prize

Ann Marlene Gagnon wins the prize for her first piece for Studies in Conservation, awarded by IIC and Taylor and Francis.

For the past year, the International Institute for Conservation and publisher Taylor and Francis have been running the First-Time Author Essay Prize to encourage early career conservators to make submissions of significant new work to Studies in Conservation, the leading journal for the conservation profession.

Behind the scenes of the IIC Congress

The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, where many of the meetings of the local organising committee were held (image courtesy of National Galleries Scotland).

By Isobel Griffin

Organising a big conference is always challenging, as anyone who has attempted it will report. However, put this challenge into the context of a global pandemic and it takes on a whole new dimension! Fortunately, I had no idea of what lay ahead when I was asked to become involved with planning the 2020 IIC Congress, due to issues with the original proposal. Edinburgh was one of the alternative locations suggested, and I was asked to investigate its suitability. Time was of the essence, so as the Scots would say, I tried not to delay in ‘getting oan wae it’.

Update: Rebuilding Zagreb after the 2020 Earthquake

The interior of the Orthodox Church after the earthquake; photo by the author, March 28, 2020.

Thanks to the dedication and generosity of fellow conservators in Croatia, the April-May 2020 issue of “News in Conservation” featured a first look at the earthquake devastation in Zagreb. Once again our Croatian colleagues, in partnership with the IIC Croatia Group amidst their rescue efforts, have been willing to give the global conservation community an update with a more detailed assessment of the damage and heritage rebuilding plans moving forward.

By Dragan Damjanovic


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