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IIC Edinburgh Congress Poster Prize winners 2020

Still from the film Casa de Pueblo, Spain: Bridging the Divide Between Built and Moveable Heritage Conservators Through Social Media

Image: Still from the film Casa de Pueblo, Spain: Bridging the Divide Between Built and Moveable Heritage Conservators Through Social Media. Courtesy of Alberto Sanchez-Sanchez.

The poster prize and student poster prize winners at IIC's 2020 Edinburgh  Congress not only produced technically excellent and evocative posters, but developed the art of the poster itself for the digital age, with accompanying short explanatory films which were well executed and compelling to watch.

New Futures For Replicas

The soaring 1970 concrete replica of St John’s Cross, Iona. Image © Sally Foster.

By Sally Foster

With the publication in July 2020 of New Futures for Replicas: Principles and Guidance for Museums and Heritage, one of the lead authors invites us to reflect on its implications in heritage preservation practices and mind-set. New thinking about authenticity reinforces the critical role of conservators, past and present, in realising #replicafutures.

International Conference: Solidarity in Culture: Heritage Protection under Conditions of Crisis

Virtual Solidarity in Culture Conference

National and University Library, NSK 2021 international virtual conference

In response to the current global threats to world heritage that call for urgency in developing comprehensive heritage protection strategies, the National and University Library in Zagreb is organising the international conference “Solidarity in culture: Heritage protection under conditions of crisis”, in Zagreb, from 18 to 20 March 2021.

18 Mar 2021 to 20 Mar 2021
15 Mar 2021

XpectralTEK: A new path to Art Conservation

XpectralTEK staff portrait. Image courtesy of XpectralTEK.

By António Cardoso

The desire to uncover all the secrets of a painted surface in the attempt to know it better is a common goal among most, if not all, art conservators. This need to understand, in a more profound way, a specific piece of history that we may have in front of our eyes has a deep impact on the way we perceive the world around us.

IIC Congress: CXD Behind the Scenes

Beautifully engineered by hand Planorama at Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. (Images courtesy of Conservation By Design.)

Conservation By Design (CXD) is very proud to be a title sponsor of the IIC Congress this year. The company’s commitment to the sector is evident not only through its pedigree in terms of delivery, but also through its investment in many long-term projects and initiatives that benefit the industry at large.


Ask a Conservator Day

AIC Ask a Conservator Day Promotional Image

Conservators around the world answer questions about their work on Ask a Conservator Day. The next Ask a Conservator Day will take place on November 18th, 2020. Ask a Conservator day is held in November in remembrance of the flooding of Florence on November 4th, 1966, which damaged priceless cultural heritage. However, in response to the catastrophe, incredible efforts were made—and are still being undertaken—to conserve the items impacted by the flood.

18 Nov 2020

Conservation and Philosophy Symposium

stone carved image of  hand holding book along with symposium title and date

Exploring the intersections and interactions between the two disciplines, providing an opportunity to bring the insights of philosophy to conservation debates around topics including plaster casts and replicas, the re-creation of modern artworks, the reasons why works of art are restored or seen as over-restored, the anthropology of forgery - and many other issues.

26 Nov 2020 to 27 Nov 2020


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