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Conservators Combating Climate Change A New Podcast Series by the American Institute for Conservation’s Emerging Conservation Professionals Network

Conservators Combating Climate Change can be heard on all major podcasting platforms and at Image courtesy of the AIC-ECPN. Click the image above to listen.

By Emma Hartman & Natalya Swanson

Conservators Combating Climate Change is a series of transparent conversations featuring preservation professionals who are actively addressing the climate crisis and its threat to cultural heritage. In each episode, hosts Natalya Swanson and Emma Hartman unpack aspects of this complex issue and discuss what sustainability means in regard to conservation-restoration practice.

A Brief Biography of Joyce Plesters

Norman Brommelle (d. 1989) a memorable IIC Secretary General, with Joyce Plesters (1927-1996). Take at the 1972 IIC Lisbon Congress. Photograph by Joyce Hill Stoner.

By J.E. Molly Seegers

In our times it is quite rare that an individual would remain at one institution for the entirety of their career. The work that Joyce Plesters accomplished during her tenure at the National Gallery, London proves that extraordinary accomplishments can be achieved within a supportive work place. Her pioneering work laid the foundations for a new field of study: the inspection and analysis of paintings, with a special focus on the materials and techniques of the medium.

IIC Edinburgh Congress Poster Prize winners 2020

Still from the film Casa de Pueblo, Spain: Bridging the Divide Between Built and Moveable Heritage Conservators Through Social Media

Image: Still from the film Casa de Pueblo, Spain: Bridging the Divide Between Built and Moveable Heritage Conservators Through Social Media. Courtesy of Alberto Sanchez-Sanchez.

The poster prize and student poster prize winners at IIC's 2020 Edinburgh  Congress not only produced technically excellent and evocative posters, but developed the art of the poster itself for the digital age, with accompanying short explanatory films which were well executed and compelling to watch.

New Futures For Replicas

The soaring 1970 concrete replica of St John’s Cross, Iona. Image © Sally Foster.

By Sally Foster

With the publication in July 2020 of New Futures for Replicas: Principles and Guidance for Museums and Heritage, one of the lead authors invites us to reflect on its implications in heritage preservation practices and mind-set. New thinking about authenticity reinforces the critical role of conservators, past and present, in realising #replicafutures.


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