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Book Review: Book Conservation and Digitization

Book cover provided by Amsterdam University Press. Twitter: AmsterdamUPress / Facebook: AUPAcademic

Reviewed by Marc Holly

Book Conservation and Digitization – The Challenges of Dialogue and Collaboration.

By / Ed. Alberto Campagnolo (and Contributors)

ARC Humanities Press, 2020

300 Pages, 109 € / 125 USD

ISBN: 9781641890533

Lost WPA Mural: Found, Conserved, and Installed in San Francisco Bay Museum

Mounting the mural, Nov. 7, 2020, taken by Karen Buchanan, copyright FACL

By Scott M. Haskins

Just across the Bay from San Francisco, the small town of Richmond, California has been inspired by the enthusiasm of the Richmond Museum of History and Culture’s executive director, Melinda McCrary, and raised the resources to save, protect and restore an abandoned mural lost in storage after its removal from the Richmond post office during a 1970s renovation. The excellent quality modernist mural was originally painted under the Work Projects Administration in 1941 by Russian immigrant artist, Victor Arnautoff.

Bridging Policy and Practice in Conserving Archaeological Heritage Sites in Zimbabwe

Stonemasons and the Great Zimbabwe conservation team restoring the Conical Tower in the Great Enclosure, 2016. Image by Munyaradzi Elton Sagiya.

By Munyaradzi Elton Sagiya

Zimbabwe is the only country in the world that takes its name from an archaeological site: Great Zimbabwe. The name Zimbabwe is an indigenous Shona word referring to a ‘house of stones’. The prefix Great was introduced by Europeans who arrived in the region around the 18th century, and it distinguishes this site from more than 360 similar but smaller recorded sites that are also found in Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa.

Emerging Conservator Zoom Talks: Studying in an International Context

Drawing courtesy of Lisa-Maria Schaaf picturing IIC-S&ECC Warsaw 2015 participants in a meet-up.


What challenges do international conservation students face, and how can you overcome these?

Conservation ethics and codes of conduct are similar worldwide. Nonetheless, many conservation programmes, regardless of their participation in the Bologna Process, have diverse focuses, lengths and acceptance requirements.

This fact, although enriching, makes student exchange and studying with graduate and post-graduate programs in different countries particularly difficult for conservation students.

28 Apr 2021

IIC Congress Blog: Behind the Scenes

Thank You to the 2020 IIC Congress Digital Engagement Volunteers

Enthusiasm is contagious, as clearly shown by our amazing team of Digital Engagement Volunteers (DEVs) during Congress this past November. The seamless flow of presentations and engaging Q&A sessions was beautifully supported by our DEVs preparing and working behind the curtain; it takes quite a lot of effort to make it all look effortless, and these Volunteers played a key roll, all the while showing great poise (on camera no less!) under pressure.


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