Saving the Sculpture Park in Sisak, Croatia. By Sagita Sunara


The city of Sisak, located southeast of Croatia’s capital Zagreb, boasts a unique sculpture park, comprising thirty-eight outdoor sculptures created between 1971 and 1990. The park was created by the prominent sculptors of what was then Yugoslavia who participated in the Sisak Ironworks Colony of Fine Artists [Kolonija likovnih umjetnika “Željezara Sisak”]. The artists’ colony was open to sculptors, painters, graphic artists and photographers. During its twenty-year period more than 700 artworks were created.

The conservation of two contemporary Chinese woodblock prints using Gellan gum (以結冷膠修復兩幅近代中國木刻版畫) By Vivian Yip

Print before treatment. Copyright V. Yip

Printed by artist Chen Qi just under twenty-five years ago, the two contemporary Chinese woodblock prints ‘Qin No. 2’ and ‘Bridge’ showed heavy foxing-like discolouration ranging from light yellow-ochre to dark red-brown. A hybrid treatment combining traditional Chinese washing technique with the use of gellan gum was developed as a possible alternative for dealing with the particular challenges presented by water-soluble ink on Xuan paper.

First Indo-Austrian Summer School in Vienna J. Wilk + G. Krist + S. Pandey + M. V. Nair


In the summer of 2014 the Institute of Conservation of the University of Applied Arts Vienna welcomed a group of students and teaching staff from the National Museum Institute, New Delhi. Twelve conservation students and two museology students from India had the opportunity to live and study in Vienna from July 14 to August 2, 2014. The Summer School was designed to provide hands-on experience in conservation and to enable the participants to gain deeper understanding about up-to-date methods in conservation and museology in Austria.

Two-day Symposium on 'Collecting and Conserving Performance Art' - Call for Papers

In June 2016, the specialty group Modern Art and Cultural Heritage (MKKM) of the German Association of Conservator-Restorers (VDR) will host an international, two-day symposium on the topic of collecting and conserving performance art. The symposium will be held in English and will take place at the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany.

9 Jun 2016 to 11 Jun 2016
15 Jul 2015

Concert in aid of the International Trust for Croatian Monuments

Concert In aid of the International Trust for Croatian Monuments and in Thanksgiving for the Life of one of its founding members Sir Henry Grant de la Poer Beresford-Peirse Bt

Holy Trinity Church
Sloane Square, London SW1

Piers Lane, piano
Ivana Lazar, soprano
Dubravka Separovic Musovic, mezzo-soprano

9 Jun 2015

Icon Painting Group Talk: ‘H. Holbeen inventit’: Holbein’s Legacy in England

Hans Holbein’s portraits of the Henrician court had a fascinating afterlife. They came to be prized not only as depictions of illustrious men, but also for Holbein’s skill as an artist, and as a result were frequently copied, with artists producing paintings that faithfully mimicked both the composition and colouration of the original portraits.

15 Sep 2015

IIC 2015 Student & Emerging Conservator Conference, Warsaw – Registration open!

IIC’s third Student & Emerging Conservator Conference will be held on the 15th & 16th October 2015. Following on from the successful 2013 (Copenhagen) and 2011 (London) Student & Emerging Conservator Conferences this conference will allow those at the start of their professional journeys the chance to discuss and explore the three areas of:
- Differences in the conservation education systems of different countries and how these can help - or not.
- The first steps after a graduation: supplementing academic qualifications with practical training, workplace / job experience and volunteering. Mentors and Trade Union / Professional Body support.
- The Conservator with more than five years’ experience: specifically, how can networking make a difference for younger professionals (under 35) and what national / local legal barriers have been encountered by them?

Identification and Preservation of Architectural Drawings Workshop

The University of Utah's Marriott Library's Preservation Division is pleased to sponsor a two-day Lois Price workshop on "Identification and Preservation of Architectural Drawings".

One of the leading authorities on this topic in the country, Ms. Price is a wonderful and thoughtful teacher and conservator. The workshop will appeal to conservators, curators, archivists, librarians, and museum professionals, and attendees will gain a clear understanding of the complexity of Architectural Drawings and specific issues related to their long-term care and preservation.

1 Oct 2015 to 2 Oct 2015


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