Paints and coatings for conservation: Call for case studies

Historic England and Historic Environmental Scotland are undertaking new research to understand the properties and performance of historic paints and coatings, and identify appropriate contemporary options for conservation (Paintings and coatings for conservation: call for case studies)

In particular, we are keen to hear from practitioners about case studies relating to the redecoration of historic timber, external lime plaster, and ferrous metals. Please share successful examples, as well as cases of failure of paints and coatings applied within the past 10 years, with us.   

To submit a case study expression of interest, please complete this online form (Paint and coatings research - Case studies EOIs) by 26th July 2024.  We are happy to consider cases that have been completed over the past 10 years or are at project development stage.  

If you have any queries, please contact: or