Ki Futures Scholarship Application

We are honored and excited to open up the Ki Futures Sustainability in Culture Program to 10 students from around the world. We are looking for students that are passionate about developing their skills and knowledge to become a sustainability leader within the cultural sector. 

The scholarship is active for one year from 1 June 2024 - 31 May 2025. This application is open to students actively enrolled in a university or other training program in culture or sustainability as of the 1st of September 2024. 

A scholarship to the Ki Futures Program will support your learning, skill development and networking opportunities. Our Community comprises of cultural professionals and sustainability enthusiasts from around the world. You will have full access to all Ki Futures online events, resources and the community. 

If awarded, you are committed to attending the Ki Futures live training sessions. Additionally, scholars will be required to submit 5 Ki Reports and a testimonial. Please see FAQs for more information. For any other questions or inquiries, please contact Ki Futures at 

Application deadline: 15 May 2024 23.59 CET 
Successful applicants will be informed by 20 May 2024. 
Orientation for scholars will be held the first week of June. This is flexible if you are completing exams.

Please see the application form here