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Bevaring Sjælland
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Sunday, 1 August, 2021 - 00:00

Bevaring Sjælland is looking for an object conservator, who will have the overall responsibility for the conservation of historic and recent materials, with a focus and expertise in textile conservation. This is a 32-hour/week permanent position, with a start date of September 1st, 2021, or soon thereafter.

Bevaring Sjælland is a conservation institution located in Køge about 50 km south of Copenhagen, Denmark. Our institution is in constant development and is staffed by 5-6 conservators with different competencies and responsibilities. We always strive to provide great customer service and sustainable, ethical solutions to the highest degree of quality. We are curious about new and better ways of solving our projects and prioritize a high professional standard, based on evolving knowledge and best practices. Our studio is well equipped and meets all safety requirements.

Our institution is a workplace, where employees are involved in the decision-making processes. The result is a workplace with great commitment, productivity, creativity and satisfaction.

This position includes the following responsibilities and duties:
• Textile conservation, including washing, chemical treatment, material analysis / material identification (microscopy), lamination, installations, garment construction and dyeing, sewing, etc.
• Conservation and restoration of historic materials, e.g., ceramics, porcelain, glass, plaster, fur and leather, ivory and horn.
• Conservation of modern materials (for example plastic).
• Preventive conservation, including quality assessments, condition reports, recommendations for proper and safe storage and exhibition.
• Tenders
• Construction and care of museum exhibitions.
• Participation in duties across our organization.
You will primarily work with the museums of cultural history on Zealand, Lolland Falster and Bornholm, but you will also work on projects that involve churches, municipalities, archives, private customers, etc.
At Bevaring Sjælland, you will be part of a strong and well-functioning team of colleagues, but at the same time, you will also be responsible for working on your own projects independently. The work includes a large degree of collaboration both internally with colleagues and externally with Bevaring Sjælland's customers and partners.

We seek a colleague who:
• Has a bachelor's or master's degree from the Royal Academy's Conservation School in Denmark or an equivalent institution.
• Has experience with the conservation of textiles and historic objects.
• Can work independently but has good collaboration skills and a team-oriented approach to projects.
• Is passionate about our profession and will support our company's profile.
• Has good communication skills and understands how to care for the customers.
• Is positive and curious.
• Can complete projects fully and thoroughly, and is results-oriented.
• Has a desire to work towards sustainability.

The minimum salary is around 28.500 DKK (+ pension), but the final offer will be based on education and experience.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact Simon Botfeldt, tel. 40 11 37 13 or email slb@besj.dk for more information.

Written applications must be received by Bevaring Sjælland no later than August 1st, 2021. Applications should be sent to Bevaring Sjælland, Vasebækvej 30D, 4600 Køge or by email to slb@besj.dk