Conference: French paper negatives: production, characterization, preservation

The conference "French paper negatives: production, characterization, preservation" will be held in Paris (Musee de l'Homme) on the 7th and 8th of December, 2017.
It will gather scientists, historians, curators and conservators from France and abroad. The talks will be organized in three thematic sessions:
Session 1: Negatives in museum collections
Session 2: Conservation and exhibition matters
Session 3: Contemporary and artistic practices).

A round table will close the conference. A French-English interpratation will be available.

7 Dec 2017 to 8 Dec 2017

Fluid preservation course

Simon Moore is once again offering a few places on the Fluid Preservation course, this year at the National Oceanographic Centre in Southampton (UK).

The dates are from the 11th to 14th of December and the cost for the 4 day course is being held at 300UKP and covers all aspects of fluid preservation and the practical conservation of fluid-preserved specimens.

The course comprises PowerPoint presentations each day for about 1 hour and the rest of the day is entirely devoted to practical work.

11 Dec 2017 to 14 Dec 2017

Bone and Ivory CPD workshop

The Institute of Conservation Archaeology Group is organising a CPD workshop, led by Sonia O'Connor, where attendees can learn how to identify different types of animal hard tissues. From ivory to bone and from antler to horn, even so far as investigating materials that have been used as fakes or substitutes!

The two day course will include lectures, handling sessions, and the opportunity to view various materials under magnification.

Please book your place early as there will be a maximum number of 27 places.

12 Dec 2017 to 13 Dec 2017

2017 Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) Conference - Call for Papers

The 2017 Theoretical Archaeology Group (TAG) Conference is taking place December 18-20 at Cardiff University in Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom. This year's theme is Time. Cardiff University's Department of Archaeology and Conservation features prominently in this year's conference, with a number of the Department's faculty and postgraduates holding sessions, including the following:

Saving Time: Conservation as a Means for Preserving and Advancing Archaeological Context

18 Dec 2017 to 20 Dec 2017
25 Aug 2017

Conference - Conservation Matters in Wales: Past practise, future practise

Call for papers and save the date:
'Conservation Matters in Wales: Past practise, future practise' One day Conference,
National Museum Wales,

Conservation connects past to the future but how do we make this link in our own practise? This one day conference will look back at previous conservation practises, look forward to where we're going, examine how they are connected and explore where there are opportunities to innovate.

19 Dec 2017
10 Nov 2017

Call for Papers: European Lacquer in Context (ELinC) Conference

Jubelpark/Parc du Cinquantenaire

The Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (KIK-IRPA, Brussels, Belgium), the University of Antwerp dep. Conservation Studies (UA, Antwerp, Belgium) and the Royal Museums of Art and History (KMKG-MRAH, Brussels, Belgium) kindly invite you to participate in our two-day conference European Lacquer in Context.

The theme of this conference is European lacquers in a broad sense: theoretical and practical work concerning conservation and restoration, art historical, technological and chemical research will be highlighted.

18 Jan 2018 to 19 Jan 2018
4 Jun 2017

Technical Photography Workshop

Dr Antonino Cosentino
Cultural Heritage Science Open Source (CHSOS)
24th - 26th January 2018
at SRAL Studios


SRAL will host the CHSOS three day training workshop on 'Practical Methods for Art Examination'. CHSOS serves an international audience of art professionals: conservators, art historians, and conservation scientists. Its technical innovations and strategies are being adopted by museums and cultural institutions worldwide. CHSOS disseminates this knowledge through the CHSOS website, publications, and training programmes.

24 Jan 2018 to 26 Jan 2018
15 Dec 2017