Chinese painting Course at the King's Foundation school


The King's Foundation, School of Traditional Arts have organised a four day Chinese painting course with the King's Foundation School of Traditional Arts in London from 24th to 28th June.  

The course is suitable for conservators and conservation students who want to learn about Chinese painting techniques and material. During this course, students will learn about the 'four treasures' of Chinese traditional painting : brush, ink, inkstone, and paper; how to prepare natural pigments and ink; different types of  handmade paper and learn the techniques of brush and colour application on a silk fan (Tuanshan) while employing ancient methods, and enjoy the charm of Chinese classical painting. At the end of the course, students will paint and complete a silk fan.  

The moon-shaped fan (Tuanshan), is a traditional Chinese craft and Literati Art. In the Song dynasty, fan paintings became a complex form of artistic expression that combined calligraphy and painting, creating a distinctive and charming aesthetic. The painters of the Song dynasty were skilled in creating grand and majestic landscapes, as well as delicate  and lyrical small-scale scenes. Elegant fan paintings of flowers and birds, though small in size, captivate viewers, inviting them to appreciate and cherish them.    

More information and booking link can be found here: 

Four days course fee £385 has included all the painting material and a mounted traditional silk fan. 
We are giving 10% discount to the staff and members of ICON and IIC and students.  Please use discount code ICON10 when you make your booking. 

Look forward to seeing you.