Call for participation! - INCCA Café: Student & Early Career Research pt.3

Students and early career conservators (2 years post-graduation) of all disciplines - paintings, paper, textiles, sculpture, time-based media etc. – are invited to present in the third INCCA Café: Student & Early Career Research which will focus on the outdoors. Topics could range from contemporary sculptures, land art or outdoor and onsite treatments for example, but should focus on the conservation of contemporary art. 

The Café will consist of 5 speakers, each of which will have 3 minutes maximum to outline their research. All research projects are welcome, including PhDs, masters, or case studies completed during a work placement/internship. Presentations should focus on technical research and analysis, treatment examples, ageing studies and case studies focusing on specific conservation materials, such as adhesives or retouching materials. Presentations can be in any format.    

After the presentations, all participants are invited to ask any questions they have to encourage open and honest discussion. Professionals and students from all disciplines and career stages are welcome to sign up to listen to the presentations and take part in the discussion.      

We hope this Café will provide a platform for early career conservators to meet new INCCA members and other professionals in their field, and get more involved with INCCA in the future. Presenting your project could lead to exciting collaboration opportunities or even to a subsequent individual INCCA talk. Send your participation request to by 28th July 2024, including your presentation topic/abstract, a short bio (up to 200 words) and 1-2 project images with credits.   

INCCA Café: Student & Early Career Research pt.3 will be hosted online via Zoom on 3rd October 2024 6pm CEST(Amsterdam 6pm/London 5pm/Gweru 6pm/Seoul 1am/Mexico City 10am/LA 9am/New York 12pm) and will not be recorded.