Call for papers and welcome to the Norwegian X-ray conference

Call for papers and welcome! 

The conference will take place on 2.-4. September 2024 and the location is Strand Hotel Fevik in Southern Norway. 

The aim of conference is to bring together industrial and academic experts and users of XRD and XRF in Scandinavia with manufacturers and suppliers of analysis instruments, preparation equipment, reference materials and other chemicals. 

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Recent years we have had a special focus on the use of handheld XRF in different markets, particularly in the field of conservation and archaeology. The last decades handheld XRF instruments has become a useful instrument for material analysis on objects of art and cultural heritage.

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On the first day will be held to short-courses, one in the field of art and archeology. Read more here.

We hope to see you in September 2024! 

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The Committee (Torkild Eivindson, Elke Thisted, Hege Indresand, Alf Yngve Guldhav, Vijitha Gengarathan, Susanne Kaun and Lorentz Petter Lossius)