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You can browse IIC’s complete collection of book reviews below. All the latest book reviews are also featured in News in Conservation.

Book review: William Berwick: paper conservation in the United States and Western Europe, 1800-1935. Reviewed by Karl Buchberg

The first sentence of Christine A. Smith’s Introduction clearly states the overall goal of this volume: “This book interweaves two related histories: the professional biography of William Berwick (1848-1920), who was the preeminent manuscript restorer in the United States during the late nineteenth and earth twentieth centuries, and an exploration of the world of paper conservation in the U.S. and Western Europe during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.” The author, who received an A.B. from Vassar College and then an M.S.

Book review: Art: Authenticity, Restoration, Forgery. David A. Scott

2016, Los Angeles: The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, 500 pps., ISBN 978-1-938770-08-1. Available from the publishers in soft cover print and as aKindle eBook
Bool reviewed by Robyn Sloggett, The Grimwade Centre, The University of Melbourne

Book review: Endangered Heritage: Emergency Evacuation of Heritage Collections

Aparna Tandon et al. ICCROM & UNESCO, 2016, ISBN 978-92-9077-247-7 (ICCROM) / 978-92-3-100162-8 (UNESCO)
Some books and publications are to be pored over at leisure and savoured at length. Others are for immediate consumption and reference. This booklet – 55 pages including annexe – is available for immediate download from the ICCROM web-site ( ) and sometimes, one imagines, for immediate referral ‘in case of need’.

Book review: Environmental Management for Collections Alternate Preservation Strategies for Hot and Humid Climates

Management for Collections Alternate Preservation Strategies for Hot and Humid Climates © Getty Conservation Institute

Shin Maekawa, Vincent L.Beltran, Michael C. Henry, Getty Conservation Institute, 2015, Series Tools for Conservation, 344 pages, paperback, ISBN 978-1-60606-434-4

Environmental management of collections is an area where IIC is particularly active, with various recent issues of Studies in Conservation dedicated to the theme, and culminating in the joint IIC/ICOM CC Declaration on Environmental Guidelines which came out of debate at the ICOM CC Melbourne 2014 Conference and the IIC Hong Kong 2014 Congress.