It’s difficult to comprehend just how significant it was for the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (IIC) to be founded in 1950, just after WW2. It marked not just the creation of a learned society but the start of the modern age of conservation.

Ways to Support

We believe conservation is of great value to everyone. By looking after our own and others’ cultural identity we are helping to improve the richness and quality of life for all. The way we do this is by educating, enabling and recognising excellence. This commitment drives everything we do.

A donation as part of your membership renewal or a leaving a legacy to IIC in your will can be transformative:

  • £25 supports access to Studies in Conservation  for conservators in emerging economies, including covering the costs for an individual to access the Journal for a year.
  • £50 would help make professional development opportunities for people working in conservation more equitable for all, including paying registration costs for a student or early career conservator to attend  IIC's biennial Congress online through the Brommelle Fund.
  • £150 will contribute towards seed funding grants for projects and initiatives led by Fellows to work collaboratively in priority regions, such as Africa and South America through IIC's Opportunities Fund.
  • £1,000 will contribute towards the Keck Award for conservation projects that promote public enagement and outreach.
  • £5,500 helps IIC reach a wider conservation community in  traditionally underrepresented  countries as part of our major IIC biennial Congresses and to deliver engaging programmes for the common good.

How to donate or leave a legacy

  • Members can log in to their accounts to donate.
  • Non-members of IIC, who would like to donate to support the profession can do so here.

Organisational supporters may wish to consider sponsorship or partnership opportunities, further information can be found here.

You might also want to consider giving a legacy.  Please contact the IIC Office directly if you would like to become an IIC benefactor. 

Donating to Support our Grants, Awards and Prizes

IIC offers a number of grants - some helping students and early career curators to get support for training and events, others to highlight some of the best work coming out of the profession.

Opportunities Fund

By becoming an IIC Gold, Silver or Bronze supporter, you are donating to the IIC’s Opportunities Fund. IIC's Opportunities Fund was established in 2010 and supports membership for individuals and institutions who cannot easily afford the annual subscription fees, this grant now also provides needs-based learning grants and seed funding for collaborative projects focused with Band 2, 3 and 4 countries.  Find out more here.

Brommelle Fund

The Brommelle Memorial Fund was established in 1990 in memory of Norman Brommelle, who was Secretary-General of IIC between 1958 and 1988. The fund is used to provide assistance for students of conservation who are IIC members and wish to attend the Institute's International Congresses. Find out more here.

IIC Keck Award

In 1994, the IIC Council announced the establishment of the IIC Keck Award, generously endowed by Sheldon and Caroline Keck to commemorate their shared lives of distinguished achievement in conservation. The cash award is presented every two years at the IIC Congress.  You can find out more here. 

Our Impact

You can read more about the stories from recipients and opportunities provided by IIC in our Prizes, Grant and Awards here.