Young Professionals Forum - Emerging skills for heritage conservation

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Thursday, 17 February, 2022 to Friday, 1 July, 2022

Discover the 2022 Young Professionals Forum - Emerging skills for heritage conservation

Full programme here

IIC Scholarships to cover cost of attendance

February 17th - June 16th I Final event 1st July.

The Forum aims to inspire the young generation of tomorrow’s decision-makers to operate with an open mind, strengthening personal skills and networks for to make it easier for them to develop a successful career.

The third edition is the result of a collaborative planning development with our partners, the most relevant international and Italian organisations devoted to cultural heritage.

This year’s Forum consists of a series of integrated events and activities to improve participants’ professional skills and expand their international networks.

Build your personal pathway! Join the Young Professionals Forum.

IIC is supporting attendance at the Young Professional's Forum

IIC members will be entitled to the reduced fee both for the FULL package (€120 instead of €150) and for the SHORT package (€30 instead of €40). 

IIC will also be supporting five full and ten basic scholarships to attend the Young Professional's Forum.  We are particularly keen to support attendance from those in emerging economies. Details here.