Washington Conservation Guild Two-Night Circus

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Thursday, 7 January, 2021 to Thursday, 14 January, 2021

Thursday, January 7, 2020 AND Wednesday, January 13, 2020 from 5:00-6:30 pm (EST) on Zoom

Social time 5:00-5:25 pm (EST)
Sponsor spotlight, Tru Vue: 5:25-5:30 pm (EST), Thursday, January 7, 2020 only
Lecture: 5:30-6:30 pm (EST)

Night 1: Thursday, January 7, 2020
• Claire Cuyaubere, Recovery at American University of Beirut's Archaeological Museum after the August 4, 2020 blast"
• Miguel Resendiz, "Making a Monument: Documenting a Washington, D.C. Black Lives Matter Protest Wall in 2020"
• Teresa T. Duncan, Shannon A. Brogdon-Grantham, Edward P. Vicenzi, "The virtual fellowship: Practical methods for conducting hands-on conservation research at home"

Night 2: Wednesday, January 13, 2020
• Rasha Shaheen, Mona Fouad, "Modify of the Archives of the Coptic Museum to Preserve Its Sustainability"
• Amanda Kasman, "Fighters for Freedom and their Untold History: A Mostly Virtual Internship Echoing the Black Lives Matter Movement"
• Julianna Ly, Nicole Chausse, "Team Hockney: The ten-day public-view documentation and treatment of Snails Space with Vari-Lites, 'Painting As Performance' by David Hockney"

Night 1 Link:
This event is free to all. If you are not a member of WCG and wish to attend, please RSVP here:

Night 2 Link:
This event is free to all. If you are not a member of WCG and wish to attend, please RSVP here:

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