Virtual European Days of Conservation-Restoration 2020

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Monday, 5 October, 2020 to Sunday, 11 October, 2020

For the 3rd consecutive year E.C.C.O. calls Conservator-Restorers from all around Europe to open their " virtual doors" to the public.

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak and the impact it holds at national and international level, the celebration will take place as always in the second week of October.

Conservator-Restorers invite visitors to their " virtual workplaces": Experts from museums, ateliers, private or university studios and workshops, sites and monuments will present the Profession of C-R and their projects to the public.

The goal of the European Day of Conservator-Restorer is to:
• raise awareness of the key role of conservation-restoration in safeguarding cultural heritage with policy makers and civil society (public);
• share knowledge of the complex activity of this discrete profession as an applied science which includes humanities, natural science and intervenes with a code of ethics in the many fields of Cultural Heritage;
• highlight the respect and discovery of the values for society through the interventions beyond artists and crafts for ensuring the integrity of the material witness to guarantee the authenticity of cultural heritage for identification process of the individual;
• to make transparent the international quality standards of the profession on this high level of competences for safeguarding Cultural Heritage through member associations in 22 European states; and to clarify how this expertise is of value to sustainable tourism and a catalyst for innovation in science for heritage.

Find out more at European Day of Conservation-Restoration 2020 - ECCO - European Confederation of Conservator-Restorers' Organisation: