Symposium: Analysis and imaging techniques in the conservation of art, cultural and natural heritage

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Thursday, 31 October, 2019 to Friday, 1 November, 2019
Wednesday, 15 May, 2019

Educational symposium 2019 - Call for abstracts

In 2019 the Nordic Association of Conservators (NKF) will host a two-day symposium titled: Analysis and imaging techniques in the conservation of art, cultural and natural heritage.

The fast growing technology within state-of-the-art of visual analysis technics, this including several types of 3D scanning, has increased the need for, and use of new relevant analytical methods within conservation and documentation. With this symposium, NKF wishes to invite colleagues working within conservation and preservation to partake in an exchange of experience and knowledge of the latest international level research in this field. With this, we hope to achieve an overview of the wide range of different analytical methods and their applications in the conservation and preservation of world heritage.

The Danish committee would like to invite anyone working with visual analysis and irreversible methods in research and documentation to submit abstracts for a presentation at the symposium. Please submit a preliminary title, abstract (max 500 words) and biography (max 100 words) along with keywords for the oral presentation.

The symposium is scheduled for October 31st - November 1st 2019 at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.

Contributions will be published (peer reviewed) in a post-print in collaboration with MoK.

Contact the Danish committee:

Deadline for abstracts: May 15th 2019
Deadline for articles: March 1st 2020

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MoK is also on Abstracts of International Conservation Literature, AATA:

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The committee members are:
Sigrid Ninel Kledal
Maj Ringgaard
Maiken Ploug Riisom