Sustainability in Conservation: Student Ambassador Program

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Sustainability in Conservation Student Ambassador Program Energy logo. Copyright SiC. Created by Estelle De Bruyn and Adrien Gary Lucca.

Sustainability is a word that we are starting to hear more and more in our field, but it still has an air of mystery to it; how exactly does this concept apply to conservation? Sustainability in Conservation (SiC) is addressing that issue. The next generation of conservators holds the key to creating a more sustainable profession, and by incorporating these ideas at the training level, the field will organically grow towards a sustainable future. The SAP (Student Ambassador Program) puts the power in the hands of students. The program is outlined by the SAP Handbook, which follows three focus points: energy, water and materials, and waste. This step-by-step guide is coupled with various self-assessment tools, which allow for identification of problem areas and enables students to track their improvements. This program is designed to showcase successes and share best practices by connecting students from around the globe via SiC’s social media platform. Click here to see a map of the universities participating in the SAP.

Founded in 2016, SiC is an international organization dedicated to promoting more sustainable practices in the conservation of cultural heritage and related fields. By providing reliable resources, tangible actions and easy to implement programs, SiC aims to build awareness about sustainability in cultural heritage and to provide answers to the conservator’s everyday questions.

Coordinated by Estelle de Bruyn (MA, La Cambre, KIK-IRPA), the 2018-2019 Student Ambassador Program, which will focus on energy, launched in October. Students are still welcome to join. For more information email, visit the SiC website at and follow SiC on social media @SiConservation.

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