Survey - Our Collections Matter: using collections in sustainable development

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Take the survey to help ICCROM add to its new resource on using cultural heritage for sustainable development

In 2020, ICCROM asked a single question, in 22 languages, to audiences around the world:

"Imagine a world without cultural heritage collections: no more libraries, archives, museums, treasured artefacts in temples, cultural centres and communities. How big a difference do you think this would make in your life?"

90% said it would make at least a large difference - showing that in a fast-changing world people care hugely about heritage. This is one of the reasons why cultural heritage has a significant role to play in sustainable development. At its most basic, it continues to keep cultural heritage itself safe, even when societies are under stress. However, its uses are much wider: it can also feed development strands including learning, education, participation and research, creative industries, sustainable tourism and peacebuilding. These support the United Nations’ Decade of Action to deliver its 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Developing the 'Our Collections Matter' resource

To help the protectors and custodians of cultural heritage understand how their knowledge and assets can contribute in this area, ICCROM is developing a new resource 'Our Collections Matter', now in beta, with partners including IIC.  You can explore the current version here - but we know there is more to add.

We are now running a survey of a wide range of organisations about how you are working on sustainable development themes, to help create a more comprehensive resource.

IIC is delighted to be a partner in this initiative.

Who should take part?

We are interested in collections and collections-based organisations of all kinds, such as archives, libraries, museums (including outdoor museums, building museums, ecomuseums, and other ‘living museums’), community-owned heritage collections, religious collections, online only collections, seed banks and biobanks.

Take the survey

You can take the survey here - in a number of languages, click the top right hand dropdown to choose options other than English.

Latest news

In July 2021, the toolkit was updated and now contains 162 resources. Testing is taking place with partners in Greece, the Philippines and Italy. There is also an OCM tool in development for collections-mediated inter-cultural and inter-generational dialogue.