Scroll: A journal by the Student Conservators at Melbourne - Vol. 2, No. 1 now online

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Scroll: A journal by the Student Conservators at Melbourne

Scroll is a student journal published online, with a new edition every year. The publication was created by students for students and aims to provide an avenue for emerging professionals, from a variety of disciplines, to share their ideas, projects and passions in the area of cultural materials conservation.

Vol. 2, No. 1 contents include:

Foreword - Alice Cannon, AICCM President

Conversing with artefacts: Observations from a manuscript healing place in Istanbul - Aslı Günel

Conserving queer heritage - L J Lupgens

Demystifying textile conservation: Accessible and effective methods for conservators - Gabriela Lúcio de Sousa

Conserving Rothko’s murals and aesthetic experience - Rowan Frame

Conservation in fiction: A Month in the Country by J L Carr - Elizabeth Gralton

Exploring the use and potential of Nanorestore Gels® in the conservation cleaning of plastic objects - Jessica Argall

A feminist reframing: The reconstruction of knowledge in conservation - Eleanor S Thomas & Sarah P G Dodson

Experiential learning: The treatment of Baskerville’s Virgil - Leandra Flores

Down the maternal line: Intergenerational pottery practices in Barichara, Colombia - Maité Robayo

To read Vol. 2, No. 1 (November 2022) please go here: