Results of our Member Survey

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We ran a survey for our members in partnership with Taylor & Francis. The purpose was to discover what is working well for all our members at every career stage, what we could do better and what new initiatives respondents would like to see. The survey also gives a fascinating snapshot of the international reach of our organisation.

You can read a (completely anonymised) summary report of major points at the bottom of this page, but we have already improved some key areas in 2018 and early 2019:

  • The amount of time from the acceptance of a paper for Studies in Conservation to print publication has now roughly halved to eight months (the turnaround for digital publication is three weeks).
  • We have improved the website so it is now easier to find digital publications and member resources.
  • It was also good to see enthusiasm for our new mentoring scheme, with dozens expressing an interest in getting involved.

However, there is more to do and our main takeaway is the demand for more professional development opportunities. Over the next year 2019 - 20, we plan to create more seminars and masterclasses, which will be available online to broaden access. Topics will include emerging trends, topics of interest and demystifying the publishing process for first time and newer authors.

We of course continue to value points and good ideas from members - do drop Graham a line at if you would like to raise any points in response to this survey.