New rates, incentives and discounts for IIC Members

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We know these are tough times economically and with many organisations increasing membership subscriptions, we wanted to make sure IIC's membership rates remain fair and affordable for all.

Alongside launching the new IIC Strategy 2030, IIC has undertaken a full review of its subscription rates, looking at the barriers to becoming a member, evolving changes in subscription models globally as well as the discounts in rates offered by IIC across different regions — all this against the background that IIC rates have been maintained at the same level for over five years.

An important objective of the review was to remove barriers to joining IIC and to establish new membership categories that are relevant to an evolving profession and that enable global growth for our membership network, while offering excellent value for money.

New Rates

The new Membership Subscription Rates for 2023-24 can be downloaded here and are published in the April/May issue of News in Conservation.

Incentives and Discounts

To help IIC achieve change at scale and at pace, new rates, discounts and incentives will apply for the 2023-24 membership year, which starts on 1 July 2023. This will include a new 10% loyalty discount for existing members who renew for 2023-24 and further discounts across all categories of membership for conservation professionals living and working in Band 4 countries. For the first time we are introducing regional discounts for institutional members.

A summary of the incentives and discounts are included here:

• introduction of a 10% member loyalty discount for renewing members
• increased discounts for Band 4 countries (by a further 25%)
• removal of the 10% multi-member discounts, although the 10% multi-member discount will be retained for members of IIC
Regional Groups + affiliated organisations who have a Memorandum of Understanding with IIC
• introduction of banded discounts for institutional members
• 10% increase to some membership rates, although institutions and retired Individuals and Fellows will be maintained at the
same rate as 2022-23.
• Fellowship application administration fees will be waived for all IIC Individual pathway members and any new nominations
from non-members living and working in Bands 2 - 4 countries.
• Fellowship rates for individuals living and working in Band 3 and 4 countries will be held at the same level as Individual

Introduction of New Membership Categories and Packages:

One of IIC's key commitments is to reduce its environmental impact, and this includes through its production of printed publications. To help encourage a move to digital, IIC will be introducing an 'Essentials' membership package promoting digital only access to all our publications for students and early career members, with a print option for Studies in Conservation available through a 'Professionals and Organisations' membership package for Individuals, Fellows and Institutional members, where digital access is problematic or print is still preferred.

We understand that the sector is evolving globally and we recognise that for a number of organisations, IIC's institutional category of membership does not feel relevant. From 1 July 2023 we will have a category of membership for small organisations and studios with four or less staff at a lower rate with a tailored package of benefits.

Likewise, following the introduction of the 'Pathway to Fellowship' initiative, we have seen a welcome increase in the number of Individual members and members from our Regional Groups, wishing to take that next step in their career. As such we are excited to announce a new category of 'Individual - Pathway' membership to support people on their way to becoming an IIC Fellow.

We hope these changes support our members globally and encourage conservation professionals to join us for this next exciting chapter in IIC's story.

Details about membership renewals will be emailed to IIC member shortly, which will be through a new Membership Portal on the IIC website. Anyone wishing to become an IIC member for the remainder of the 2022-23 membership year (to the 30 June 2023) should contact the IIC Office by email: