Joint Book and Paper and Photographic Materials Groups Tips Session

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Monday, 13 July, 2020 - 16:00

Please join the Book and Paper and Photographic Materials Groups for a joint tips session on Zoom featuring fourteen speakers delivering fifteen tips to promote learning across our specialties and spark ideas. Speakers will share their tips, followed by a Q&A session for all speakers.

Monday, July 13 4:00 – 5:30 PM

Connect to the Zoom session through the 2020 AIC Virtual Meeting schedule here:

The Programme:

Madison Brockman - Syringe-cast Agarose Tool for Dry and Wet Cleaning
Jan Burandt - SMILE: Software Makes Intentional Language Easy
Nora Dempsey - Ready to Roll: A Mobile Double-fan Adhesive Binding Press
Tessa Gadomski Depersio - Lessons from the Penn Librarian Teaching Institute
Kimberly Hoffman - Using Plasti Dip to Seal Lead Weights
Leah Humenuck - Mobile Camera Lenses and a USB Microscope
Seth Irwin - Three Tips for Commercially Available Mobile-Bases for Large and Heavy Equipment for Paper Conservation Labs
Amanda Maloney - Supplier and Use of Waterproof Breathable Fabrics for Humidification
Debora Mayer - Polyethylene heat-sealed "photo corners" with a housing system for double-sided manuscripts and Caution on the use of "water pens" with ethanol
Laura Panadero - A Book Mount for Technical Analysis
Oa Sjoblom - Handmade Couched Laminate Boards: A Historic Process Adapted for Treatment
Elsa Thyss - Rehousing the Bellocq negatives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Brianna Warren - Bluetooth, Gold Mount: Versatile LED Examination Lights and Accessories
Roger Williams - Adaptable Conservation Book Support (ACBS): A DIY/Open-Design Tool