Informal Monthly Zoom Series on Chemistry and Scientific Fundamentals

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Friday, 25 September, 2020 - 17:00

An informal, educational monthly Zoom series on chemistry and scientific fundamentals applied to conservation: Drunk Conservation Science for Conservators is announced. Inspired by the Modular Cleaning Program and its "cocktail" recipes that have led to conversation, explanation, insights, tips, and fun chats, this free series is open to all conservators, conservation scientists, and conservation students.

The goal is to bridge the gap between scientific fundamentals and practical conservation application. Targeting conservators of all skill and education levels, presentations will be delivered in a relaxed, informal environment that's a 1:1:1 blend of graduate seminar, office hours, and alcoholic beverage, mocktail, coffee, or tea of your choice.

The program will consist of an informal fifteen- to thirty-minute presentation on that month's topic. A brief panel discussion will follow relating the presentation to practical, bench level take-aways. And lastly, a lengthy Q&A session during which all topics are open for discussion. The first session will be on a surprise topic. Future topics can be suggested by participants, special guests, and may feature special guest lecturers, tipsy-topics, and case studies.

The sessions are happy hour based: Zoom will open Fridays at 5:00pm Pacific time (8:00pm Eastern; 9:00pm Brazil; 1:00am Western European; 2:00am Central European; 10:00am Saturday Australia; noon New Zealand) with presentations starting at 5:30pm (8:30, 9:30, 1:30, 2:30, 10:30 12:30). Attendees will be asked to provide their consent for the session to be recorded before joining. Presentations will be recorded, archived, and made available to colleagues on a private YouTube channel. Every attempt will be made to limit access to only conservators, conservation scientists, and conservation students.

The first event will take place Friday, September 25, 2020. Zoom link for the event:

Chris Stavroudis, Tiarna Doherty, Nina Roth-Wells, Craig Deller, and Luke Addington