IIC Croatian Group reflections on heritage protection under conditions of crisis

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Žana Matulić Bilač's presentation on the IIC Croatian Group's accomplishments from 2020-2021

No one could have predicted that at the same moment that Croatia was going into lockdown at the very beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, the country would be rocked by a devastating earthquake. With the pandemic still ongoing, Croatia was hit by a second horrific earthquake, not even a year later, just before the new year. Despite the obstacles and heartache, conservators wasted no time in assessing damage and organizing recovery efforts for Croatia’s cultural heritage.

In the accompanying video, Žana Matulić Bilač, president of the IIC Croatian Regional Group, shares with us her thoughts on the past two years and the accomplishments of the IIC Croatian Group. As concluding thoughts she shared:

“We have yet to analyze these experiences and try to restore from them - something that has been suppressed for a long time in this era of individuality and was once instrumental in creating entire worlds: a time of solidarity that sees beyond personal greatness, opens us up, prepares us for soul searching and changes, new beginnings and creation of new worlds ahead of us that will hopefully be better because we have grown better ourselves. Let´s not forget this chance.”

To watch the full video click on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-F4QbsulX4