IIC Annual General Meeting 2023, AGM Talk & Reception

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The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works Annual General Meeting 2023

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Elections of the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works will be held at the The Courtauld Institute of Art,  Vernon Square, Penton Rise, King’s Cross, London WC1X 9EW and via Zoom on Monday 30th January 2023 at 6.00 pm GMT, London time.

In accordance with Article 11 permitting Hybrid General Meeting, this AGM will be at a physical location where simultaneous participation will also be enabled via an electronic platform (Zoom). Members are invited to attend in person or participate in the AGM via a live webcast, which you will be able to access by a Zoom link which we will send shortly before the event, as well as making available to eligible members by logging into the IIC website.

You will be asked to consider and vote on the resolutions below:

1. To receive and consider the Reports of the Council and the Auditors and the Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2022 (available here or to download below )

2. To appoint Sayer Vincent LLP as Auditors to The Institute and to authorise the Council to fix their remuneration for the ensuing year.

3. To elect two Ordinary Members of the Council

4. To elect a Director of Fellowship

5. To elect a Director of Professional Development and Standards

6. To transact any ordinary business of The Institute

By Order of the Council
Jane Henderson

 21 December 2022

This notice was sent to all eligible members on  21 December 2022.

Voting at the AGM

Honorary Fellows, Fellows, Individual and Early Career Members of IIC in good standing (that is, having paid their IIC membership fee for 2022- 2023) are able to vote at the AGM.

There are three ways you can vote:

  • i. in person at the meeting
  • ii. logging into your IIC member account online and using the new online ballot form, which will be live, and can be used for voting in advance, until 5pm (London time -GMT) Friday 27 January 2023.
  • iii. using the pdf voting form at the foot of this page, which you can then complete and send to the IIC office by email.

Voting in advance or completion of a proxy form will not prevent you from attending and voting at the AGM. If you appoint a proxy or voting in advance, and then decide to attend the AGM in oerson or by an electronic platform and vote, then that voe in person will override the vote in advance or proxy.

Online voting closes at 5.00 pm (London time - GMT) on Friday 27 January 2023.


Individual Fellows, Fellows and Honorary Fellows may appoint a proxy to exercise all or any of their rights to attend and to speak and vote at the AGM.

For paper votes and proxy votes the form can be returned by email to iic@iiconservation.org. Please remember that votes and proxy votes must reach IIC by 5.00 pm (London time - GMT) on Friday 27 January 2023 at the latest; votes and proxies received after then will not be counted.

Completion of a proxy card or voting online will not prevent you from attending and voting at the AGM. If you appoint a proxy or vote online, and then decide to attend the AGM in person and vote there, then the vote in person will override the proxy vote or online vote.

Attending the AGM + AGM Talk online or in-person

After the formal business is concluded, the meeting will be opened to non-members. The AGM Talk for 2023 will start at approximately 7 pm (GMT, London) and will comprise a presentation from IIC Fellow, David Saunders, "the museum environment in an era of sustainability". The AGM Talk will be followed by a drinks' reception, which all at the AGM and AGM Talk are welcome to attend. We are hoping a recording of the talk will be made available to IIC members to view afterwards on the IIC Community platform. The AGM Talk is free to attend. Further information about the talk can be found here.

If you wish to attend the AGM in person or online please fill out this form, so we can support your attendance whether online or in-person. 

If you have any issues accessing this form, please contact the IIC office at iic@iiconservation.org.

Non-members attending the talk

If you are not a member of IIC you can register to attend the talk either in-person or online directly via the Courtauld Institute Research Forum here.


Candidates for Election 

Their election statements / manifestos can be accessed via the pdf's below. If you have any issues accesses the pdf's please contact the IIC office.

Ordinary Member of Council:

Caitlin Breare 

With over 12 years of diverse conservation experience and well-honed skills in leadership, communications, and collaborative work, I can make a valuable contribution to the IIC Council. I am currently Conservator of Paintings at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia, and have previously worked in conservation in the USA, Italy, Turkey, and Spain. A graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University conservation program, my experience spans cultural heritage institutions large and small, and includes private practices, historic houses, and an archaeological site. Together, these provide me an appreciation of the variety that exists within the profession. My roles as project lead on multiple large-scale collaborative research and treatment projects, and as mentor to numerous students and interns provide me with strong leadership and communication skills. They have also instilled in me the value of diverse voices, and the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration. I have demonstrated my commitment to promoting our profession and the dissemination of knowledge through my extensive public outreach activities and professional publications.
The IIC has long supported the strong networks and collaborative spirit the conservation field relies upon to continually assess and improve our individual and collective professional practice. I personally identify with this objective, and my contributions to IIC and other professional networks are some of the most rewarding outcomes of my work as a conservator. I would like to extend this contribution as an Ordinary Member of Council, and I hope you will consider me when casting your vote.

Duygu Çamurcuoglu 

I am an ICON accredited senior conservator and Fellow of IIC with almost 20 years of experience in the conservation profession. Since I was a conservation student at UCL, I have been active not only in my specialised practice but also in the conservation field, always networking, volunteering for various organisations (such as UKIC/Icon, IIC, ICOM-CC), bringing people together by organizing conferences/workshops, providing support for colleagues and students, help the profession to develop and become globally recognised field in the near future.
I have recently completed 3 years of work on the Icon board as a Trustee and involved in several Icon governance related work that aimed to improve what Icon does for conservation profession in general and for its members. I became more familiar with the vision and mission of Icon and how things work internally. Then I delved into how I can contribute to the development of the Institution to create a successful and healthy working platform for conservators by -firstly- communication with stakeholders and working on areas to understand issues whilst celebrating achievements. My previous leadership and management experiences, including my icon works, made me aware that I have strong leadership qualities and I feel that this exciting position of IIC ordinary council member will enable me to use my skills by working with the dynamic team of IIC council as well as with regular members, and to prepare IIC for the next stages of ever-changing heritage conservation field.

Nyssa Mildwaters 

Kia ora my name is Nyssa Mildwaters, I’m an Australian born, UK educated conservator currently working in Aotearoa New Zealand. I’m standing for the Ordinary Member position as I’m passionate about promoting and sharing conservation with as wide an audience as possible while also supporting new and emerging conservators. 
I believe I am suitable for this position as I am driven and passionate when it comes to conservation and having spent the last four years as the president of NZCCM, I know the work that is involved in volunteering myself for this type of position. I am someone that absolutely thrives of building networks and collaborations and bringing people together that might not know each other or have different perspectives. I also have experience of managing a range of collaborative projects from local and regional through to international, having been part of the local organizing committees for two international conferences in the past six years, so know how to work as part of large multiple talented teams.
Working in NZ I’ve been lucky enough to have my Eurocentric conservation approach and thinking challenged, something that I have found very enlightening. As such I’m committed to continuing to learn from and make room for other voices and perspectives in conservation. This something I know IIC is already working to do, and I would love to be part of helping to grow and expand that aspect of the organization as well as supporting the huge range of other work IIC already does.

Thomas Roby

After more than 30 years of international conservation work and training, in both private practice and within an institution, I am interested in serving on the IIC Council in order to help our profession advance and address the challenges that we face, especially regarding professional education, outreach and mentoring. Critical to improving conservation practice in many regions of the world, is the development of professional conservation training programs and recognition of the conservator profile by government institutions responsible for cultural heritage. The IIC can have an impact on conservation education by providing curriculum advice and teacher mentoring to educational institutions in parts of the world where conservation training does not exist. Another way that I feel I can help the IIC to advance the field is through outreach to allied professions such as archaeology and architecture.
My experience serving on conservation committees of US archaeological institutions and organizing workshops and meetings to advocate for and demonstrate the positive impact a conservation professional has in achieving their professional standards to conserve the archaeological record. IIC outreach to international archaeological organizations could similarly benefit the conservation of archaeological heritage, both sites and material removed from them.

Rehan Scharenguivel 

I am standing for ordinary member of the council of IIC with the intention to contribute to the development of conservation. I am currently the Collection Care Conservator at the Australian Museum, Sydney, and have contributed extensively to the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material (AICCM). As part of AICCM, I have held the position of State President, ordinary state member, and am the Co-Convenor of the Preventive Special Interest Group.
I am passionate about advocating for conservation. I presented a paper at Pest Odyssey 2021 on the need for a regional-specific approach to pest management. The paper reported on a web-based platform I co-designed for local conservators to ask questions, discuss pest issues, and form collaboration networks between peers. I have collaborated with conservators around the world and recently co-organised a workshop delivered by Prof. Jane Henderson on communicating conservation. This workshop provided a space for Australian conservators to learn from the course and each other. I am passionate about creating platforms for conservators to collaborate and hope to bring my experience in this area to the IIC council.
During the recent IIC Wellington Congress, I saw the commendable work that IIC and its members are contributing to the field. The Congress opened discussions about improving diversity and inclusion and the benefits this will bring to our profession and the communities we work with. As a trans person of mixed race decent, I believe that bringing my voice to the peak conservation body will deepen these discussions.

Luiz Souza 

As a heritage scientist and manager, I do understand very well that conservation of cultural properties goes well beyond the laboratory bench. It congregates values and knowledge ranging from the social to the exact sciences. Conservation of Cultural Heritage, its promotion and recognition by the society is fundamental to a more integrated approach to sustainable development. Upon my experience of 40 years of practice in the field, gained at important conservation institutions such as KIK-IRPA in Belgium (1987), The Getty Conservation Institute (1992-94), in the USA, and also as a member of the ICCROM Council (2011 – 2015) and member of the ICOM-CC Directory Board (four terms, since 1990), together with my Brazilian experience as a researcher and academic, effectively involved with the communities and the needs of a developing country, I can contribute to the development of conservation in Latin America and abroad, on a perspective of international collaboration and interdisciplinary approach.
I am a member of the Organizing Committee of IIC Congress 2024 which will happen in Lima, Peru. Brazil is nowadays playing a leading role in the conservation of cultural properties, and my purpose is to be able to assist our national Brazilian cultural properties conservation organizations in helping other friend nations with the same interests and needs.

Director, Chair of Fellowship 

David Saunders

I have been an IIC Fellow for over 30 years and believe strongly in the concepts of recognizing established members of the profession who have contributed to the field through IIC Fellowship and of those Fellows contributing their expertise and experience to the future of the profession and the next generation of conservators. I chaired IIC's membership committee for a number of years, before it was superseded by the Fellowship Committee in 2022 and have been interim chair of the Fellowship Committee since its inception. I believe I have skills and experience to fulfil this role and I am committed to IIC's goal of increasing the diversity in all classes of membership, from students through to Fellows.

Director, Chair of Professional Development and Standards

Rachel Rivenc

Conservators at all levels of their careers need to constantly update and expand their skills, keep up with new research and deepen their understanding of material properties and deterioration. The field is also seeking ways to adapt to a rapidly evolving world and to address the impact of societal issues such as climate change and reckoning with systematic racism and the legacy of colonialism. Engaging with these challenges requires new skills, conceptual tools, and practical strategies. The conservation field needs to be inclusive of diverse voices and dedicated to uplifting underrepresented ones. In the capacity of Director, chair of Professional Developments and Standards Committee for IIC, I will leverage international collaborations based on respectful and equal partnerships to create equitable learning opportunities.  I will create learning opportunities for conservators at all stages at their careers, and platforms for established and emerging conservators to interact with each other and learn from one another. I bring to this role considerable experience in designing professional workshops and conferences, convening meetings dedicated to interdisciplinary knowledge exchange, and creating mentoring opportunities. I have also worked extensively with national and international committees, including the steering committee for the International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (INCCA), the Modern Materials and Contemporary Art (MMCA) working group of ICOM-CC as coordinator and assistant coordinator, and the Award Committee of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) including as chair. I look forward to using my experience and networks to effect positive change.

Documents for review and voting are as follows:

Monday, 30 January, 2023 - 18:00