IIC Annual General Meeting 2019, AGM Talk & Reception

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Notice is hereby given that the sixty-seventh Annual General Meeting of the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works will be held at the Society of Antiquaries of London, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1J 0BE, on Monday 28th January 2019 at 6.00 pm for the following purposes:

1. To receive and consider the Reports of the Council and the Auditors and the Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2018 (downloadable from the foot of this page of the IIC web-site ).

2. To re-appoint Kingston Smith as Auditors to The Institute and to authorise the Council to fix their remuneration for the ensuing year.

3. To consider and if thought fit to pass a Special Resolution THAT the Articles of Association produced to the meeting and signed by the Chairman for the purposes of identification be approved and adopted as the new Articles of Association of the Company in substitution for, and to the exclusion of, the existing Articles of Association (the Articles of Association in their current form and with the proposed changes are downloadable from the foot of this page of the IIC web-site ).

4. To elect a President

5. To elect two Vice-Presidents

6. To elect a Secretary-General

7. To elect a Treasurer

8. To elect a Director of Communications

9. To elect three Ordinary Members of the Council

10.To transact any ordinary business of The Institute

By Order of the Council
Jo Kirby Atkinson
19 December 2018

This notice has been by post and by e-mail as appropriate to all eligible members as advised.

Explanatory Note to Special Resolution 3
A copy of the amended articles, marked to show changes against the previous version, is available to view at the foot of this page of the IIC web-site . In summary, the changes provide to institute the post of the Council Member to oversee Congresses on Council and also to create an additional class of IIC member, the 'Early Career' membership class. Any other amendments are consequential or clarificatory.


There was a typographical error on the original ballot and proxy paper sent out to eligible members of IIC on 19th December 2018. The proposed resolution for the election of Jane Henderson erroneously referred to her election as ‘Director of Membership’, rather than her election as ‘Secretary-General’.

The ballot form and proxy form have now been corrected to:

6. Election as Secretary-General of Jane Henderson

The corrected ballot form and proxy form reflect the information in the original notice for the AGM and in the notice of the AGM and candidate leaflet sent to members in December 2018. All other details remain unchanged and therefore the meeting and ballot remain valid.

Please use the corrected ballot / proxy form attached to this covering note to record your ballot or proxy wishes and return the relevant completed form to IIC no later than 5.00pm GMT on 24th January 2019.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We will also contact any members who have already voted using the erroneous ballot form to clarify the position and ensure that their votes are accurately recorded.

Voting at the AGM
Honorary Fellows and Fellows and Individual Members in good standing are able to vote at the AGM either in person at the meeting or by using the form posted to all eligible members; these may also be downloaded from the foot this page of the IIC web-site.

If you are planning to attend the 2019 AGM it would be helpful if you could notify the IIC office in advance by e-mail to iic@iiconservation.org . If you intend to vote in person at the AGM you should not, of course, make use of the postal or proxy voting form. For postal voting and proxy votes the form can be returned by post to IIC, 3, Birdcage Walk, London SW1H, 9JJ, UK, by fax to +44 20 7799 4961 (020 7799 4961 within the UK) or may be scanned by the voter and sent by email to iic@iiconservation.org. Please remember that votes and proxy votes must reach IIC 48 working hours before the meeting, that is, by 5.00 pm on Thursday 24th January at the latest; votes and proxies received after then will not be counted.

Individual Fellows, Fellows and Honorary Fellows may appoint a proxy to exercise all or any of their rights to attend and to speak and vote at the AGM.

Candidates for Election
Julian Bickersteth is standing for election as President and for re-election as Director of Communications; Sandra Smith will be standing for election as a Vice-President; Austin Nevin will be reaching the end of his second term as an ordinary Member of Council and is standing for election as a Vice-President. Jane Henderson is standing for election as Secretary-General. Juergen Vervoorst is standing for election as Treasurer, having been co-opted into that role in May 2018; Alice Tsang is standing for re-election to a second three-year term as an ordinary Member of Council and Isobel Griffin, Adam Klupś and Satish Pandey are standing for election as ordinary Members of Council for the first time.

Their election statements are published here below:

Julian Bickersteth
As President:
I present myself for election as President fully aware of the shoes into which I would step. Sarah Staniforth’s Presidency, for all of which I have been an Officer of IIC, has been marked by her outstanding and inspirational leadership.

I trained as a furniture conservator at West Dean College, UK and after a spell as a museum conservator set up International Conservation Services (ICS) a multi-disciplinary conservation practice in Australia 30 years ago. I was AICCM’s Treasurer, Editor of the AICCM Bulletin, Newsletter editor and Conservator of the Year before Professor Colin Pearson, a former Vice President of IIC, encouraged me to become involved in IIC. I was elected a Fellow in 1998, and onto Council in 2002, and chaired the Local Organising Committee for the IIC 2000 Congress in Melbourne. I was elected back onto Council as Vice President in 2008 and became the inaugural Director of Communications in 2012. With our Communications team I have built this critical component of IIC’s operations into an active and thriving process, building a significant social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, refurbishing the web site and building IIC’s News in Conservation into a unique and widely read on-line publication.

I have significant experience in leading not for profit organisations, having been a board member and Deputy President of the National Trust of Australia (NSW) for ten years, past President of the International Polar Heritage Committee of ICOMOS and I am currently President of the Australian Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (ADFAS) and Chair of the David Roche Foundation. I believe I therefore know IIC well, understand its challenges and see its opportunities. Primary amongst these is to ensure we continue to grow our membership. Members are the core reason for our existence but the nature of membership organisations such as IIC is that we need to move into being a participatory organisation from our present form as a transactional organisation. That process is underway and I will ensure it is carried through. As part of this process I am keen to see the private/freelance conservator’s role in the conservation profession more clearly identified and serviced.

As Director of Communications:
The Director of Communications position is a relatively new role that the Council created in response to the need to ensure IIC’s electronic communications were coordinated and optimised. I have been the inaugural holder of this position and I have enjoyed driving the progressive development of the three main components of IIC’s electronic communications output, News in Conservation, our Website (including its recent refreshment), and our social media profile on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. I have chaired the Communications team which has continued to provide useful guidance to Council on a variety of matters as they relate to our electronic communications and social media. The success we are achieving in bringing the stories that conservation can tell to a wider readership is ensuring an ever widening appreciation of IIC’s work.

I seek the membership’s support in re-election to the position of Director of Communications to continue the critical work that lies ahead in this vital part of IIC’s service to its members and the broader public.

Sandra Smith
With over 25 years’ experience in two national museums in the UK (British Museum and Victoria & Albert) I have a good understanding of both national and international issues which affect conservation. I acted as Treasurer of IIC before now (2006 to 2009) and have also been a co-ordinator of the Ceramics and Glass Conservation Group of ICOM-CC, and a Trustee of Icon. Currently I am a Trustee of The Gabo Trust and act as a conservation advisor to the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST). I am a member of the Employer’s group working on apprentice qualifications for Conservation.

IIC has a very important role in advocacy and influencing the direction of the conservation profession and has perhaps the largest overview of the pressures and political issues that are affecting us. I would like to offer my expertise to IIC to deal with some of the forthcoming issues such as the pressures on conservation training courses and the movement of conservator between nations with the forthcoming ‘Brexit’. At the recent IIC Turin Conference the voice of world conservation came through loud and clear; highlighting that traditional (western) standards for environment/conservation process need to be modified to accommodate regional differences. This was the first time I had heard Eastern Countries speaking with such confidence and conviction of their expectations and I would very much like to be part of the response to this call for change.

Taking on the role of Vice-President is an influential role and my expectation would be to find ways to draw in the voices and opinions of the memberships and work for them to improve and share practice and knowledge to develop a profession for the future.

Austin Nevin
IIC is unique: it is the premier international organisation for conservators. I have been an active member of IIC Council since 2013 and have attended all council meetings. I am an enthusiastic participant on Council and have advocated for the need to increase membership and fellowship in developing countries and strongly supported the introduction of banded membership. I strongly feel that IIC should continue to work on our online presence, and to maintain our relevance to private and international conservators. I would welcome the opportunity to continue to serve on council as Vice President.

I have devoted significant efforts to IIC since joining, am currently an Associate Editor for Studies in Conservation, and have chaired the technical committee for the last three congresses in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Turin, and was a member of the technical committee for the Vienna and Istanbul congresses. Furthermore, I have been instrumental in the development of Special Interest Groups, a new initiative for IIC that will be launching in 2019. I have also volunteered to teach for IIC as part of the International Training Centre for Conservation (ITCC) courses at the Palace Museum in Beijing and represented IIC at the Taihe Forum on Protecting the World's Ancient Civilisation in 2018. I joined IIC as a student of conservation in 2004 and became a Fellow in 2014. I am a wall painting conservator and chemist by training and am currently a researcher at the Italian National Research Council. I have taught conservation science at the Academia di Brera and the Politecnico in Milan. My research focuses on the analysis of materials and paintings, and I participate in several international projects to improve online research and collaboration in conservation.

I strongly believe that IIC needs to continue to engage with conservators around the world, to disseminate conservation research, to advance the profession through congresses, student conferences and to publish special issues of Studies. I am standing for Council as Vice President, hoping to play an even more direct and dynamic role in ensuring that IIC continues to serve the world community of conservators and professionals, while maintaining the high standards associated with significant conferences and publications. I would continue to bring commitment and an international and technological awareness to Council and would embrace the opportunity to contribute to the future of IIC.

Jane Henderson
I am standing for IIC council as Secretary-General with the hope that I can help align IIC’s strategic ambitions with its operational capacity. I would hope to work closely with the President of IIC, the senior team and IIC council to deliver this.
As Secretary-General I would like to bring greater alignment between the ideas and ambitions of the Council and the organisation’s resources. We need a more detailed understanding of our finances so that we can overcome any challenges and make the most of any future opportunities that may present. To this end I will work with the Treasurer to push forward his work in financial reporting. As a council IIC is bursting with ideas but it is my belief that IIC has to aim to deliver a manageable amount of tasks well. My priorities will be:

  1. Assurance that IIC is in a position of strength with its accounts and reserves so that it can continue to make future investments in its membership.
  2. Supporting the senior team in delivering an agile and coherently managed office, with appropriate allocation of resources, duties and reporting system.
  3. Ensure the Executive Director, supported by key Officers, is able to focus and commit significant time to fundraising rather than dealing with operational matters.
  4. Extending the ways that IIC members can engage with and participate in IIC as empowered members on a genuinely international basis.
  5. Considering the future challenges for IIC such as membership growth, open access, sustainability and IIC’s standing in the sector.

To these ends I am enthusiastic to ensure:

  1. Clear reporting lines and job descriptions for staff.
  2. Regular communication between IIC staff and Council.
  3. The use of virtual platforms to engage the membership and develop initiatives without making significant additional demands on office staff. In particular finding a virtual system that can accommodate the mentor scheme, national groups and special interest groups.

I am not enthusiastic to support initiatives that are borne either of goodwill or panic that aim to extend IIC’s reach but risk reputation.

Juergen Vervoorst
Enjoying a career in conservation for over 25 years, I am currently Head of Collection Care at The National Archives, UK. I graduated from the State Academy of Arts and Design Stuttgart/ Germany, and have then held several positions at the Municipal and Provincial Archives Vienna/ Austria and The National Archives, UK. Since 2002 I have been regular visiting lecturer at various colleges in Austria, Germany and the UK for book and archives conservation, as well as management and leadership related topics. I was Trustee (2008-14) and Chair (2012-14) of the Board of the Institute of Conservation UK (Icon) and since 2014 I have been a member of the Anna Plowden Medal Board.

In 2018 I was co-opted as Treasurer to the Council of IIC, a position I am now standing for as an elected Trustee. IIC and the whole conservation profession are going through a decisive phase of change. An ever-increasing drive to make our collections accessible around the globe, digitisation of and digital access to our collections and new public engagements activities and events with our collections are inevitably and irreversibly changing our profession. IIC is in the unique position not only to represent professionals passionate about conservation from all different backgrounds and around the world, but also to shape the new profession. IIC can connect professionals internationally and can be the advocate for conservation, where there aren’t any other advocates.

To be part of this change, to contribute my experience to Council, to work with professionals from around the world and as Treasurer to ensure that IIC can do so sustainably now and in the future, would be an honour and a challenge in equal measure.

Alice Tsang
I have completed my first term of office on the Council, and am standing for re-election for a second term, hoping that my knowledge and experience gained in my past 30 years can continue to serve the world community of conservators and professionals, and in particular to increase the presence of membership of conservators from China and East Asia.

After graduating in Chemistry and later in Archaeological Conservation from the University College London in UK, I started my conservation career with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government, and am currently assuming the post of Conservation Manager. Besides practical conservation, I have an interest in conservation education and training, and am keen to strengthen professional ties with conservators and related professionals world-wide and to look into opportunities for collaboration and partnership at an international level.

It has been my privilege to serve IIC in organizing the IIC 2014 Hong Kong Congress and the IIC-Palace Museum 2017 Hong Kong Symposium, through which I have been able to foster professional exchange and garner support and engagement from the community for the conservation endeavours. Working as a conservator in Hong Kong where East meets West, I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving on the Council with a goal to bridge conservators from the East and the West to explore wider collaboration for further ground-breaking initiatives.

Isobel Griffin
I am primarily a conservation manager, with a particular focus on preventive conservation and heritage science. My interests are eclectic; I have mainly worked with mixed collections, both in museums and historic houses, but I am also interested in building conservation and I have a PhD in the deterioration and conservation of twentieth century cement-rendered and concrete buildings. I have spent most of my career in Scotland, and I am an enthusiastic member of Scotland’s energetic and inclusive conservation community. I’m currently the Head of Collections Care at the National Library of Scotland, but in late January 2019 I will be taking up a new post as Head of Conservation at National Galleries Scotland.

I have been an IIC member since 2015. I would bring the following experience and interests to IIC Council:

  • Extensive experience of writing for publication, ranging from content for websites and social media through to formal peer-reviewed articles, and enthusiasm for encouraging others to publish and editing their work;
  • A particular interest in encouraging professional development for conservators and related professionals, both from my work as an assessor for the Institute of Conservation’s PACR scheme, and through experience of organising and delivering training, both for conservator and mixed audiences. Examples include my introduction of collections care training days at the National Trust for Scotland and my creation of a comprehensive programme of practical training and e-learning at the National Library of Scotland;
  • Expertise in fund-raising, including working with private donors and obtaining grants from trust funds;
  • A strong commitment to involving volunteers in collections care activities, as a way of providing high quality engagement with the conservation profession;
  • Committee experience from various roles, including Publications Officer and then Vice Chair on the committee of the Icon Scotland group.

I believe that I could make a particular contribution to IIC’s professional development and publications workstreams, and I am also keen to draw upon my experiences of working in Scotland to foster and promote conservation in small or developing countries, and strength the connections between IIC and regional or special interest groups.

Adam Klupś
After studying History of Art with Material Studies at University College London, I obtained an MA in Principles of Conservation from the Institute of Archaeology, UCL, concentrating my research on the conservation issues in the re-use of closed church buildings. I am now the Diocesan Advisory Committee Secretary and Church Buildings Officer for the Diocese of Gloucester, UK, with responsibility for the long-term care of historic church buildings and churchyards and the establishment of support for their management, conservation and adaptation. I have also worked on archaeological and buildings conservation projects around the world, including the World Heritage Site of Neolithic Çatalhöyük, Turkey, a Byzantine ecclesiastical complex in Akrotiri, Cyprus and the 15th-century Knights Templar’s Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

My involvement with IIC began in 2010 when, as a student, I attended IIC’s Congress in Istanbul. Having realised that there is no similar event dedicated specifically to students and those who just started their conservation career, I offered to help organise one under the auspices of IIC. From this idea a series of successful Student and Emerging Conservator Conferences started. I took an active part in organising the first of the conferences at my alma mater in 2011, and played an important organising role in the next two, in Copenhagen (2013) and Warsaw (2015). I have since taken part in various initiatives to promote conservation among students, as well as non-expert audiences, such as church congregations and UK Armed Forces veterans. In 2016, I led workshops for Polish conservation students of the Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw entitled: Selected topics in conservation and restoration in English, aimed at boosting their language skills confidence and participation in professional English-speaking conservation events.

I am seeking to join the Council of IIC as an ordinary Member. If elected, I would be ready to devote my time and experience to promote the benefits of IIC membership among students and conservation professionals, especially from countries which are currently underrepresented. I would also be interested in helping to raise the profile of IIC and seek opportunities to increase its presence in conservation debates, nationally and internationally.

Satish Pandey
I am an Associate Professor of Art Conservation at the National Museum Institute in New Delhi. I have gained formal education in Art Conservation (MA - National Museum Institute, New Delhi) and in Archaeological Science (MSc and DPhil - University of Oxford). I have also been ‘Science and Heritage’ Postdoctoral Fellow at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London.

As an art conservation educator, I have been involved in designing and delivering training programmes at various levels, not only in my own institution but also with a few other organisations in India. I have also been involved in the Indian Conservation Fellowship Programme - a flagship training initiative in art conservation, jointly funded by the Indian Ministry of Culture and the A.W. Mellon Foundation. I am an active member IIC and ICOM-CC and have recently been elected as a fellow of IIC.

IIC is one of the largest professional bodies that actively promotes knowledge and professional standards in art and heritage conservation, however, conservation professionals from the Indian subcontinent have rather limited access to programmes and activities of IIC. As member of the council, I would aim to assist IIC to create a platform for professionals to exchange ideas, to share resources and to strengthen the conservation profession in the region. I would also aim to facilitate setting up an IIC regional group in India/South Asia to identify and support the needs of art and heritage conservation community in the subcontinent.

AGM Talk and Reception

After the formal business is concluded, the meeting will be opened to the public and we will be holding the annual AGM Talk. There will then be a reception afterwards.

The AGM Talk for 2019 will comprise a presentation on the forthcoming 2020 IIC Congress is New Delhi and then a talk by Lt Col. Tim Purbrick about the developments of the British Army’s Cultural Property Protection capacity since his presentation on this at the IIC Point of the Matter Dialogue: Culture Cannot Wait at the 2018 Turin Congress.

The AGM Talk will be followed by a reception, which all at the AGM and AGM Talk are welcome to attend.

Monday, 28 January, 2019 - 18:00