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In line with our policy of free dissemination of cultural content, Iconem has decided to share advance access to twenty of our heritage site pointclouds.

3D professionals or enthusiasts, travelers or archaeologists hobbyists, we invite you to discover famous or unknown sites: the cliffs of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, Angkor temples in Cambodia, pyramids of Meroë in Sudan, Christian monasteries in Armenia.... Find our 3D models online on here: https://app.iconem.com/#/3d

International archeological heritage has never been so threatened as in recent years. Many historical sites are in danger of disappearing due to the action of man or nature. It is essential to transmit the memory of this heritage to future generations.

Iconem was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing concrete and effective answers to these irreversible losses of the testimonies of our history. Combining its passion for technological innovation with a strong knowledge of the sites in the countries in crisis, Iconem has developed unique expertise in the world for the 3D scanning of endangered sites.

Currently working in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, the Iconem team is able to give an emergency answer if there is some need to digitize some sites or monuments threatened by armed conflicts. Iconem has also been working for several years on sites whose conservation is endangered by climatic events or by mass tourism; we have been permitted to digitize iconic sites such as Delos, Leptis Magna and Angkor.

At the heart of this advanced technological environment, Iconem develops innovative protocols with scientific (Inria) and industrial (Parrot, Microsoft) partners, combining two new technologies: the drone, which enables accurate, fast and inexpensive surveys to be carried out on the most complex fields (isolated areas, conflict zones, etc.) and 3D photogrammetry, with new algorithms that can generate high quality models from thousands of drone pictures. The results are photorealistic environments with a precision that allow both the scientific study of sites by experts and new immersive experiences for the general public. This expertise is shared with local professionals through courses organized by the team during its missions, particularly in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

Finally, Iconem’s last goal is to mediate and raise awareness among the general public about issues related to heritage preservation through conferences and digital exhibitions. Iconem is currently active in 30 countries and works with international organizations such as UNESCO, the World Bank, governments (Afghanistan, Oman, etc.) as well as major cultural institutions (The Louvre, Rmn-Grand Palais, etc.).

Based in Paris, Iconem currently brings together a multidisciplinary team of about ten employees: architects, computer scientists, engineers, 3D graphic designers and archeologists whose strength lies in working together to solve the complex issue of safeguarding the historical and archeological heritage.

Learn more about Iconem here: http://iconem.com/en/

(See the captivating Iconem video in the June-July 2020 "News in Conservation" Issue 78, p. 6)

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In line with our policy of free dissemination of cultural content, Iconem has decided to share advance access to twenty of our heritage site pointclouds.
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