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Thursday, 28 January, 2021 - 19:00

This year committee member Phillipa McDonnell will be giving a talk titled, 'A Brief History of Wallpapers'. Phillipa is an Architectural Paint Researcher and conservator with a background in art history and is currently undertaking a part time PhD in 19th century paint. Phillipa is also a member of the committee currently writing the EU standard for decorative finishes investigation (architectural paint research).

Abstract: Wallpaper is an incredible and versatile decorative surface that has been used in the west since the 1500s. However, as a paper object applied in a built heritage setting, it uncomfortably straddles several conservation specialisms, and thus has been neglected in the past. Recently we have seen a revival in the interest in wallpaper, both in its use in contemporary design, and in preserving and researching historic papers. This talk will give a brief overview of the history of western wallpaper; the origin of its use, and its changes in design and manufacture. Common conservation issues will be discussed, including the inherent health and safety risks posed by toxic historic wallpapers. Finally, case studies will show how different levels of conservation can help to preserve and record wallpapers as an object in its own right, how to integrate a wallpaper into a built heritage project, and how to better understand it as a decorative surface.

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