IAP Virtual seminar: Towards a History of Transfers from Panel to Canvas in Britain, 1760-1980

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Thursday, 14 October, 2021 - 15:00

with Jacob Simon
3:00 pm BST

This seminar examines the history of panel transfers to canvas in Britain. The process involved transferring the paint layer of a work, and sometimes the ground as well, by paring back the panel before applying a canvas as a new support. It was designed to deal with flaking paint and decayed panels, commonly in Italian panel paintings but also sometimes in British panel portraits and other northern paintings. A similar process was used for transfers from one canvas to another, as opposed to lining.

More information: https://academicprojects.co.uk/courses/towards-a-history-of-panel-transf...

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This one-hour seminar plus discussion costs 25GBP.