Graffiti Removal and Prevention Webinar

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Tuesday, 16 June, 2020 - 13:00

West Dean College of Arts and Conservation are delighted to share that Catherine Woolfitt, Subject Leader for Historic Building Conservation and Repair, will be delivering this webinar with colleagues for Historic England.

This webinar is part of Historic England's Technical Tuesdays series and will provide a summary of the information shortly to be published in Historic England's Technical Advice Note Graffiti on Historic Buildings: Removal and Prevention.

Graffiti disfigures historic buildings, sites and their settings; it may also encourage further attacks. The incidence of graffiti has, unfortunately, increased during the Covid-19 crisis. Making graffiti on a public or private building without the owner's consent is an act of criminal damage and a heritage crime. This webinar will look at the nature of graffiti on historic buildings, mainly masonry, and will provide guidance on how to respond to an attack, and how to approach graffiti removal and prevention.

To sign up for the (audio only) webinar and for further information see: