Free Webinar: Introduction to HVAC Systems, presented by the Image Permanence Institute

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Thursday, 14 October, 2021 - 14:00

Have you ever wondered how your HVAC system removes moisture from the air? What a DX system is? How the dew point in a space is achieved? On Thursday, October 14th at 2PM EST the Image Permanence Institute will host a webinar that explains how mechanical systems create environmental conditions for collecting institutions. The topics that will be addressed include an introduction to the components of an HVAC system, the job of each component, and how the components work together to achieve desired environmental conditions. This webinar is recommended for collections professionals who would like to gain a better understanding of the basic operations of HVAC systems. A fundamental knowledge of these system operations is necessary to evaluate an HVAC system's capabilities and performance, and to inform sustainable environmental management.

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