A Failure Shared is Not a Failure 2020 - AIC Virtual Event Available as Online Resource

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Thursday, 22 October, 2020 - 00:00

The recording of the 3rd annual "Mistakes" event held during the 48th annual, 1st Virtual AIC Meeting is now available. The video "A Failure Shared is Not a Failure 2020" has found a home on the AIC YouTube channel, where it will remain publicly accessible. This year's session covered a wide range of topics, with presentations ranging from "Literally the Worst Thing You Could Do to a Ceramic" to "Mould & Misery," as well as reflections on how systemic racism can influence treatments and the pitfalls of over-using the word "sorry.” To allow for quick access to individual talks, each about eight to ten minutes long, the video has been indexed and time-stamped. If you had to duck out of the live session early, you can easily pick up right where you left off.

Thank you to all of the speakers for their excellent presentations and for their permission to make the recording publicly available. Many thanks to Ruth Seyler and Ryan Winfield for their behind-the-scenes work on the event and technical support.

Rebecca Gridley, Kari Rayner & Tony Sigel

"A Failure Shared is Not a Failure"
3rd Annual Mistakes Event
48th AIC Annual Meeting
July 31st, 2020


0:00 - Rebecca Gridley, Introduction
4:45 - Lauren Fair, "Literally the worst thing you could do to a ceramic"
12:41 - Lorraine Finch, "When studio furniture and equipment go rogue (or, attack of the deranged killer mutant monster studio equipment and furniture)"
19:34 - Nylah Byrd, "Incorrect Contexts"
29:00 - Suzanne Davis, "Speak Up"
40:00 - Devi Ormond, "Surface" and "Tension"
53:40 - Fiona Graham, "Mould & Misery"
1:02:55 - Ariel O'Connor, "Sorry”
1:14:28 - Tony Sigel, Closing Remarks
1:19:55 - Kari Rayner, Discussion