Contribute to Stories in Conservation, IIC's 70th anniversary history project

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Thankyou for considering contributing to IIC's 70th anniversary celebrations. This initial form is to get a feel for what knowledge is out there among our membership and beyond, and does not commit you to anything - so don't hesitate to fill this in, as little or as much as you wish.

What we hope to draw together is a mix of big historic events and personal anecdotes; whether you recall the Florence floods, or your own conservation challenges. Do you recall scientific breakthroughs - or moments that have improved conservation techniques? Are you working on something likely to affect the future of the profession? We will also be fascinated to see what photographic evidence emerges from across the seven decades of IIC's history.

Please note that due to the coronavirus we have no access to IIC's building at Birdcage Walk in London, which is also not receiving post. We are hoping to get back in as soon as circumstances allow - but in the meantime can only work digitally. Do please fill in the form to tell us about anything that you would prefer to post.

Thankyou for getting in touch - we will respond very soon.