Conserving Canvas Initiative - Skokloster Summer Institute

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Monday, 3 June, 2019 to Saturday, 15 June, 2019

Beneath the Surface - Understanding, Mechanisms, Deterioration and
Conservation Practices in a Historic House

venue and organizer
Skokloster Castle Museum, Håbo,
National Historical Museums, Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish National Historical Museums, supported by The Getty Foundation, is pleased to announce Skokloster Summer Institute, a workshop that is part of the inaugural Conserving Canvas Initiative.

The Getty Foundation grant will be used to organize 13-day collections-based seminar for conservators and curators to study canvas paintings at Skokloster Castle in Sweden. The Skokloster Summer Institute will be focusing on state-of-the-art issues and reflect on contemporary and historical practices related to the conservation of paintings on canvas. The maximum number of participants for the workshop will be sixteen – eight conservators and eight curators. The intensive course will promote the understanding of the structural behaviour of paintings on canvas, the deterioration of materials, and the impact of conservation interventions. The Skokloster Castle collection kept over centuries in an uncontrolled inner climate will give a unique opportunity to study, analyse and assess three 17th century paintings in situ as well as to study how the paintings relate to their collection and setting and to legacies of past change. The conservator´s choices for treatment options need to be carefully considered often in collaboration with the curator and/or conservation scientist.

For more information please see the attached flyer and application form.