Conservation and Ethics

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Conservation and Philosophy Symposium

Our Conservation and Philosophy Symposium will explore the intersections and interactions between the two disciplines, providing an opportunity to bring the insights of philosophy to conservation debates around topics including plaster casts and replicas, the re-creation of modern artworks, the reasons why works of art are restored or seen as over-restored, the anthropology of forgery - and many other issues. Following the symposium a special issue of Studies in Conservation is planned for 2021 with invited papers from the Symposium.

Symposium Covenever: David A.Scott, FIIC, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus

Symposium Lead Co-ordinator: Ellie Sweetnam

The event takes place online from 26 - 27 November.  The programme (updated 20.11.20) can be viewed here or downloaded as a pdf at the bottom of this page.

The Symposium is fully booked, however, IIC members will be able to gain exclusive access through the IIC Community platform to  selected presentations and abstracts. You can join IIC here as a member here to access to the IIC Community platform and join the Authentcity and Ethics Special Intererest Community.

Our Authenticity & Ethics Special Interest Community

Please do join IIC as a member to take part in the Special Interest Community for Authenticity and Ethics, championed a by IIC Fellows Jonathan Ashley-Smith (focusing on ethics) and David Scott (authenticity). This Special Interest Community considers the current state of debate in the profession. Among other topics, it asks how we make judgements when forced to choose between preserving original material and the traditional appearance of objects.