Conference: Indoor Air Quality in Heritage and Historic Environments

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Monday, 30 March, 2020 to Wednesday, 1 April, 2020
Friday, 6 December, 2019

University of Antwerp, Belgium

Postponed until further notice.

We have received this update from the organisers about the rescheduling of this conference:

"The IAQ2020 conference will take place at the same location, with the same programme and the same enthusiastic audience on October 12-14. You can already block these days in your agenda. We will give you a further update in the period May-June, when we will know more about the Corona status. Let’s hope Corona will fade out fast."

The organising committee.

Dr. Olivier Schalm (University of Antwerp, Conservation Studies)

Dr. Willemien Anaf (University of Antwerp, Conservation Studies)

Dr. Natalie Ortega (University of Antwerp, Conservation Studies)

Dr. Kristel De Vis (University of Antwerp, Conservation Studies)

Prof. dr. Geert Van der Snickt (University of Antwerp, Conservation Studies)

The conference discusses the impact of indoor air quality on heritage objects.
Contributions are welcome on new trends in pollution monitoring, understanding the levels of risk to collections, material emissions, and building refurbishment as a mitigation action. Furthermore, we encourage contributions that discuss practical case studies in museums, archives or churches (e.g., decision making, implementation of mitigation actions, use of showcases, etc.).

Abstracts can be submitted through the conference website:
Each attending author can submit several contributions but only one as an oral presentation.

Please remember the following important dates:
- 6 Dec. 2019: Abstract submission deadline
- 10 Jan. 2020: Notification to authors
- 17 Jan. 2020: Program online
- 30 Jan. 2020: Early registration deadline
- 23 March 2020: Registration deadline