Centro Nordico del Restauro a Firenze: A summary on the 50th anniversary of the flood of Florence in 1966

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The Nordic Centre for Restoration in Florence 1967-70

In 1967, with governmental support, 103 conservators of different specialities from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway worked for three years in close cooperation with the Florentine authorities to rescue the world renowned cultural heritage after the catastrophic flood.

In 2016, fifty years after the flood, a summary of the extraordinary Nordic rescue project 1967-70 was published by Nordisk Konservatorforbund (IIC Nordic Group), Norway. This fascinating and thorough documentation of a profound moment in conservation history has now been converted into a digital link for general distribution and can be downloaded here: https://skaug.home.xs4all.nl/Files/CN2016_ESS/CN%20BOOK%20MANUSCRIPT.pdf