Call for papers for the BAPCR Conference

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BAPCR Conference
Sunday, 8 January, 2023 - 00:00

Call for Papers for the BAPCR Conference
Friday 16th June 2023, National Maritime Museum, London, and online
Deadline for abstract submissions: 8th January 2023

The BAPCR (British Association of Paintings Conservator-Restorers) is pleased to announce the call for papers for their forthcoming conference in June 2023: Hand in Hand: Collaboration in Art and Conservation.

The image of a conservator – or an artist – as a lone figure absorbed in their work at an easel is rarely the full picture. Whether in the making of paintings, or in conservation of them, collaboration is frequently fundamental to our process.

As paintings conservators, we collaborate with a wide range of colleagues on complex treatments and research, working together to complete large projects, or sharing knowledge and skills with conservators from other disciplines when faced with mixed-media works. Our collaborations are of course not limited only to the field of conservation: we work with scientists, curators, artists, institutions, clients and communities. These relationships, though often fruitful, are not always straightforward, with different expectations, assumptions and aims at play.

The objects we work on are themselves not always the work of a single hand. From prolific workshops to artists’ collectives, there is a long history of artistic partnerships; collaborations between artists and patrons, fabricators, or even manufacturers/colourmen can be equally significant. Painters with different specialist skills might work with each other, or might contribute their work to different kinds of objects or artworks made by others; in a one-sided collaboration, one painter might ‘finish’ a work made by another. Artworks that fall into these categories can come with their own practical and ethical challenges for the conservator. Technical investigation might clarify aspects of a collaboration, and can also raise further questions.

We invite abstracts on all subjects related to collaboration in paintings conservation: from conservators working with others, to projects focused on collaboratively-produced artworks. Proposed papers might address practical treatments, technical investigations, or ethical questions – or a combination. Abstracts on multidisciplinary conservation projects are welcomed, provided one component is paintings-related.

It is envisaged that a series of 15 minute talks will supplement longer 25 minute papers, to provide opportunities to present short case studies of treatments for example. Submissions for both formats are therefore encouraged. The conference will be a hybrid event, held in person and streamed online; speakers will be required to present in person.

Submission Details: Please submit abstracts of 400 words or less, for consideration by the Selection Panel, to the BAPCR secretary Gemma Collins ( by the 8th January 2023. Please specify the intended talk length (either 15 or 25 minutes). Include the title, author's name(s), professional titles, affiliations, and an author biography of no more than 250 words. In the case of multiple authors please list all authors and include an email address for each, indicating corresponding author. Only one submission by the same primary author will be considered. Please note that the BAPCR will publish a post-print of submitted papers; the deadline for speakers to submit their first drafts to be confirmed.