Call for aid after the recent Croatia earthquakes

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Image provided by IIC-Croatian Group President Žana Matulić Bilač

In the catastrophic earthquake that hit the city of Petrinja and its surroundings on December 28 and 29 in 2020, the building of the Faculty of Teacher Education of the University of Zagreb, the location department in Petrinja, was among the severely damaged objects. The library of the Petrinja Teacher Training College was founded in the 1870s and annexed to the Faculty of Teacher Education in 2007. Today, the library has a fund of approximately 28,000 volumes, including 400 protected cultural property items. The archival material created at the Department includes personal files, student files, secretary and accounting files and other material. Due to the necessary reconstruction of the building, it is urgent to evacuate and store the library collection and archival material. Evacuation requires material for cleaning, packing, transport and storage.

Activities related to procuration and evacuation are voluntarily coordinated and organized by the IIC – Croatian Group. The association is one of the eight regional groups of the International Institute for Conservation (IIC) based in London. It has been operating in Croatia since 2009 as an association that brings together experts dealing with the protection of cultural heritage. 

Following the unfortunate earthquakes beginning with the one hitting Zagreb in March 2000, the association is continuously focused on professional help and support for colleagues in Zagreb and damaged cultural heritage. Last year, a volunteer project was started at the Volunteers' Centre Zagreb with the aim of better organization and inclusion of experts and students who are not members of the association. After the earthquake that affected the Banovina area, the association expressed its readiness for professional volunteer assistance to the Conservation Department in Sisak. The new project was launched on February 10, 2021, the first major activity being the evacuation of the library in Petrinja led by the member Dragica Krstić, head of the Department for Preservation and Storage of the National and University Library in Zagreb.

As part of the initiative of the IIC – Croatian Group and the IIC headquarters, a fundraiser was started within the international professional community to gather funds for the necessary material. Payments will be made directly to the library through a temporary account opened for that purpose. Since the IIC – Croatian Group is a non-profit association, focused on professional activities, in this way the assistance of the association excludes the financial intermediation in the service of the best implementation.

Preparatory work is already finished and the cost estimates are prepared in collaboration with the senior librarian Andreja Tominac.

Supply Cost estimates:

For the library it would be good to get:

1. Archival boxes - 2000 pcs
2. Stickers for boxes - 2000 pcs
3. Felt-tip pens (thick) - 20 pcs
4. Self-adhesive packing tapes - 100 rolls
5. Small self-adhesive liners (10 cm) for boxes - 2000 pcs
6. Cotton gloves - 50 pcs
7. Book cleaning brushes (wider) - 10 pcs
8. Disposable face masks - 300 pcs
9. Visors or goggles against dust - 10 pcs
10. Lightweight disposable suits for the protection of employees during the cleaning of materials - 150 pcs
11. Protective foils with air bubbles (bubble wrap) - 1.5 x 200 m - 3 pcs
12. Stretchable packaging foil (plastic wrap) - 2 large rolls - to cover tables when cleaning materials
13. Packaging for magazines - A4 format - 50 pcs; B5 format - 500 pcs
14. Boxes for binders - load capacity up to 20 kg - for approx. 100 binders in which magazine volumes are unbound

Payment details (within Croatia):

Recipient: Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb, Savska cesta 77,
10 000 Zagreb,

IBAN: HR9124020061500080595
Model: HR00
Call number: 010321
Purpose of payment: Pomoć - knjižnica UFZG


Payment Details (International):

See attached PDF for needed information


Payments are to be made before March 15, 2021


More information on donating funds and materials can be found on the IIC-Croatian Group Facebook page here:[0]=AZXqeodjx7xjA2TcCI-pOGGtmyDC_v_YDN1-UwWjspUNwo_eO6zjzXkDHDjzDvX-CtuXgTRRvLs3naHPgG5d1jBtpXarmJN7A3XDhsXMHFUNHzrnsL0ZH8rYXobdQHs-leizgjJWHCHcVAeceYreHyyXkuWyF5Mb4plpikUxvRuxEw&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R 

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