Articles of Association - proposed changes December 2020

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Proposed changes to IIC's Articles of Association for consideration and a vote at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 14 December 2020 - or to be voted on remotely by members, no later than 6pm (GMT) on Thursday 10 December 2020.

The current IIC Articles of Association, last amended on 27 January 2020:

IIC Articles of Association

The proposed revision to the IIC Articles of Association with marked changes, to allow  IIC's next AGM to take place virtually in January 2021.

IIC Articles of Association with marked changes

Significant additions are on page 9 of the revised document, and are as follows:

47. If, after the sending of notice of a general meeting, but before the meeting is held, or after the adjournment of a general meeting but before the adjourned meeting is held (whether or not notice of the adjourned meeting is required), the Council decides that it is impracticable or unreasonable, for a reason beyond its control, to hold

* (a)  a Physical General Meeting at the place stated pursuant to the notice of meeting; or
* (b)  in the case of a Hybrid General Meeting, to simultaneously hold the Hybrid General Meeting on the electronic platform(s), specified pursuant to the notice of meeting

and/or time, it may change the place or electronic platform(s) and/or postpone the time at which the meeting is to be held.

48. If a decision is made under Article 47, the Council may then change the place of the meeting and/or postpone the time again if it decides that it is reasonable to do so. In either case:

* (a)  no new notice of the meeting need be sent, but the Council shall, if practicable, advertise the date, time and place of the meeting on the website of The Institute and shall make arrangements for notices of the change of place and electronic platform(s) and/or postponement to appear at the original place and/or electronic platform at the original time; and
* (b)  a proxy appointment in relation to the meeting may be received by the Company in the manner stated to be permitted by the notice of meeting at any time not less than 48 hours before any postponed time appointed for holding the meeting.