AIC Book & Paper Group Virtual Annual Meeting

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Monday, 29 June, 2020 to Tuesday, 11 August, 2020

Meeting Programme:

MONDAY, JUNE 29th, 1-3pm ET
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• Thinking Beyond the Frame (Victoria Binder and Allison Brewer)
• Laid Bare: Preserving our Nation's History in view of the public at the National Park Service (Angela Campbell)
• Varnished Artworks Created by Children During Art Therapy Sessions: Legal and Material Considerations (Laura McCann and Chantal Stein)
• Exhibitor Meet-and-Greet: Tru Vue, Foster + Freeman

3:30-4:30pm ET
Zoom (link to be announced soon)
• BPG Business Meeting - join BPG to learn more about 2019-2020 activities and business, receive election results, and learn more about what's to come for this year

TUESDAY, JUNE 30th, 1-3pm ET
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• Arsenic and Old Bookcloth: the Safe Treatment, Storage, and Handling of Potentially Toxic Victorian-Era Cloth-Case Publisher's Bindings (Melissa Tedone)
• Restoration, Rebinding, Conservation: Changes in Collections Care over 275 years at APS Library (Renee Wolcott)
• Hair Today and (Not) Gone Tomorrow: The Conservation of a 19th Century Hair Album (Mary French)
• Audrey Amiss, artist and patient: preserving her legacy (Stefania Signorello)
• Exhibitor Meet-and-Greet: Bruker

MONDAY, JULY 13th, 1-3pm ET
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• The Gentling Collection: Establishing a Treatment Protocol for Multi-Layered Works on Transparent Paper (Diane Knauf and Jodie Utter)
• Shiny, Lined, and Brown: Building Conservation Context for Harry Jander's Document (Sarah Norris and Kathryn Boodle)
• Indian Oleographs: Technical analysis, and modern treatment methods (Emily Müller)
• The Read 'Muraqqa' Albums at The Morgan Library & Museum (Bonnie Hearn)

4-5:30pm ET
Zoom (link to be announced soon)
• Joint BPG/PMG Tips Session - join us for a refreshment of your choice and learn about tips from your BPG and PMG colleagues

TUESDAY, JULY 14th, 1-3pm ET
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• PAPER - It's More Than That: A Syntax for Excruciatingly Thorough Descriptions (Jan Burandt)
• Handle with Care: Treatment, Care and Prevention as applied to East Asian Scrolls (Ika Hsiao)
• Sustainability with regards to intangible culture: how the increasing scarcity of craftspeople impacts the traditional remounting of a 12th century Japanese Buddhist painting on silk at the Cleveland Museum of Art (Sara Ribbans)

Platform TBD
• Library Collections Conservation Discussion Group (LCCDG)
• Topic: When Damage Has Meaning: How Conservation Interacts with Interpretation
• Moderators: Jessamy Gloor and Lauren Telepak (LCCDG co-chairs)
• Panelists:
o Salvaged from Lake Erie: Conserving Ginsberg's Improvised Poetics and preserving a story (Elizabeth Ryan and Rebecca Wingfield)
o Appetite for Destruction: the judgments behind the conservation of intentional and unintentional damage (Victoria Stevens)
o Intentional Accidents: Identifying Corrections in Early Printed Material (Jen Hunt Johnson and Erika Hosselkus)
o The Role of Conservation in the Electronic Age (Todd Pattison)
o Reconsidering Damage: Collaborative Approaches to the Conservation of the Gwendolyn Brooks' Archival Collection (Quinn Morgan Ferris and Siobhan McKissic)

3:30-4:30pm ET
Zoom (link to be announced soon)
• BPG Wiki Discussion Session (Wiki Coordinators, Katherine Kelly, Diane Knauf, and Michelle C. Smith) - hear updates and help shape the development of the wiki this year

TUESDAY, AUGUST 11th, 1-3pm ET
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• Art on Paper Discussion Group (APDG)
• Topic: Imaging in Practice: Techniques for the Examination of Works of Art on Paper
• Moderators: Becca Pollak and Linda Owen (APDG co-chairs)
• Panelists:
o Technical Studies of Works of Art on Paper: What IR Luminescence Can Reveal (Theresa J. Smith)
o A Practical and Versatile Microscope Imaging System (Victoria Binder)
o Investigating Process Using a USB Microscope (Jennifer McGlinchey Sexton)
o Multiple Imaging Modalities Reveal Evolving Imagery in Picasso's Gouache (Kristi Dahm)
o Searching for Moldmates in Leonardo's Papers (Margaret Holben Ellis)