AIC Book and Paper Group Wiki Discussion: the Non-Western Bookbinding Structures and Their Conservation

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Tuesday, 4 August, 2020 - 16:00

AIC are pleased to invite you to this year's BPG Wiki Discussion Session taking place during the AIC Virtual Annual Meeting. The discussion is scheduled for Tuesday, August 4th from 4:00-5:00pm ET and will be held via Zoom.

Please access the BPG Wiki Discussion Session through Elevate: https:

If you have any trouble accessing the event, you can also use this direct Zoom link:

This event is open to all and will include an update about the progress made on the BPG Wiki, followed by a discussion on several pages on the Wiki that are in need of work. Attendees will be invited to provide input to shape the development of the Wiki for the coming year.

This year's discussion topic will be the Non-Western Bookbinding Structures and Their Conservation page.

This page was created in 2017 to address significant gaps in the BPG Wiki on non-Western materials. The original intent was for this page to grow into individual pages on various binding traditions, a goal we hope to see accomplished in the coming year. As we prepare for the session on 8/4, we invite you to consider the following questions:
• How should this page be developed? Are there better ways that this information could be presented?
• What is missing?
• How can the Culturally Sensitive Treatment page be developed to complement this content?
• Do you have knowledge in this area that you'd like to contribute to the Wiki, or do you know someone else who does?

This will be an open discussion where all participants who wish will be able to share their video and speak. We invite conservators from all stages of their careers to attend this session and partake in the lively discussion that will add to the continued effort to build this collaborative knowledge base.